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The Ultimate Recruitment Checklist


When thinking about taking a new team member on board, it can be a costly mistake to hire the wrong person. This is why you need to refine your recruitment skills! In this article, we will take you through exactly…

What Is a Translation Management System (TMS)? A Helpful Guide

Translation Management System (TMS)

As your brand grows and starts expanding into international territories, the need for localization inevitably arises. Translating into various languages allows you to customize your offers to a market’s unique linguistic needs and cultural preferences. It also enables businesses to…

PDFs 101: How Does PDF Work and When to Use PDFs

PDF Creation Visualized

You have been sent a PDF through email, downloaded one online, and maybe have even converted a Word document. But, you may still ask yourself “What are PDFs?” Abode Acrobat created a safe transferable file called a portable document format…