7 Current Digital Marketing Trends for Your App Testing Business

digital marketing trends

In the current paradigm, mobile browsing is surpassing desktop browsing by bigger margins every year.

As digital marketing trends move from desktop to mobile, there are major shifts happening in the field. You need to be on top of major trends before your app testing competitors get there.

If you haven’t been updating your site with fresh content on a regular basis, it’s time to start making a place for that. Search engines and users need to see regular content updates to drive traffic and keep users engaged.


Before you start posting more content and developing your presence, though, you need to know which digital marketing trends are going to be big this year. For the most meaningful traffic and quality hits, follow these 7 tips.

1. More Visual Content

While your product might entail a lot of set up or require some explanation, you should find visual ways to tell your customers about it,

Infographics are a great way to give your users a lot of information in engaging ways. Include lots of illustrations and renderings with your text to give people an object to understand in relation to what you’re explaining.

Think about video product demos. Videos are accounting for nearly 80% of all traffic on the internet. Creating videos shows your product in an engaging space that can better explain your app testing product.

App testing can be complex for novice developers so finding a visual way to walk them through the process will lead to more hits and more sales.

2. More Interactive Content

Interactivity allows for users to test out elements before they try to build them out on their own. It also allows you to show off the best features of your app testing product in a controlled environment.

Interactive content can allow users to manipulate demos in real time, so they can see the flexibility of a product.

If you’re developing new products, you can add quizzes or voting into the process to get user feedback in real time. You could be collecting tens of thousands of dollars worth of research and development for free just by asking viewers what they want from your product.

Check out our coverage on the most important interactivity trends of 2018.

3. Live Video

Live video is featured in almost every social media app at this point. By creating live videos, viewers can interact with a brand in real time. Nearly all major digital marketing trends are aiming to increase the amount of interaction that users can have with companies.

Live videos allow users to see developers or company reps in a human way, answering questions sincerely. If you’re thinking about releasing something new, you can ask for feedback and get it during your live video.

4. Content That Expires

Whether you’re thinking about creating promotions or offering behind the scenes views from your company, expiring content is exciting to viewers. When you know something is temporary, you feel like you have to see it now while you can. If you know that a promotion is going to expire, you know that you need to act ASAP.

Viewers are on social media in anticipation of brands and users to create this temporary content. You could end up getting lots of extra eyes on your products by finding clever ways to add temporary or expiring content.

5. Voice Searches

With more users looking to make quick hands-free searches while they walk down the street, adding a voice search function could increase engagement on your site. If your app testing software is geared toward newer or younger developers, you should be aware that this trend is increasingly popular among younger users.

Adding a voice search function that searches through search engines or through your site’s FAQs could make your product seem much more user-friendly.

6. Chatbots

Whether it’s for customer support or to help walk users through their first time using your product, chatbots can be a great component of your interactive toolkit.

Chatbot uses simple AI to interact with users via a chat window. Users can type in questions or phrases and bots can help users find answers. They can help users connect to your business for simple answers but if they can’t find the answer, they get users in touch with live support.

An increasing number of businesses are using chatbots in a dry and standardized way. But if you can find a creative way to get users to enjoy chatbots, you could be gaining more brand loyalists.

Check out how Global App Testing includes their chatbot on their front page. With a simple and engaging interface, they help users get what they need in an efficient way.

7. More Micro Moments

Think about the timescale of how people can use your product. Smartphone and even laptop users will check a window of their notifications for a second here and there to fill in time.

Perhaps there is a way that your app testing product can get users to check in quickly without too much engagement necessary.

If they can check out metrics or see recent news about the app industry, they will have a reason to stay in touch at brief intervals. This will make your product a part of their daily routine and create loyalty that brands thrive on.

If you add short notifications or regular “tip-of-the-day” elements to your product, you could slide into smartphone notifications without seeming intrusive.

Digital Marketing Trends Move Quickly

One of the most important takeaways from looking at the landscape of digital marketing is that fresh content is what matters. You need to be creating and releasing unique content on a regular and dependable basis. A steady flow of content will show your brand is reliable and keep your users connected.

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