Beginner’s Guide to Selling Coins Online

selling military coinsCoin collecting can be a very rewarding hobby. But sometimes after years of collecting, you may find that you have too many coins to handle.

Instead of letting those duplicate coins and valuable collections gather dust in your house, why not sell coins online?

It can help make you some extra money, get rid of extra coins, and can put you in contact with like-minded people.


Curious about how you can start selling your coins online? Read this guide to learn everything you need to know to sell your coins!

How To Sell Coins Online

Coin collecting is poised to make a comeback among younger generations soon. They’ll be searching for coins online, and you need to be ready to sell them.

There isn’t a science to selling coins. When you do the right prep work and post to the right places, selling your coins will be easy.

If you’re ready to start selling some of your coins, make sure you follow these essential selling tips.

Be Patient

If you want to successfully sell coins online, you need to follow the golden rule: always be patient.

Buying a coin isn’t like buying a sweater online. People are going to be picky, they’re going to be looking for specific things, and they’re going to want to shop around as much as possible.

You may make contact with someone, not hear from them for months, then all of the sudden get a message from them stating that they’re ready to buy now.

Don’t feel the need to rush sales or put pressure on the buyer. That’s an easy to way to sour a potential relationship. Be polite and accommodating to everyone, then you can’t go wrong.

Know Your True Worth

You may have been collecting coins for decades, but sometimes even dedicated hobbyists can get some things wrong.

Before you try to sell coins online, spend some time getting them appraised by a professional.

This isn’t to just ensure that you aren’t overpricing your coins. It can also prevent you from accidentally selling something very valuable for a low price.

A professional can also help make suggestions for

Think Realistically About What To List

One of the keys to successful selling coins online is to list the right kind of coin.

If you have a lot of common coins that are easy to find, don’t expect to find a lot of eager buyers. If you happen to find someone interested in buying, you shouldn’t expect a lot of money from the sale.

Inexpensive coins can also be a financial burden on you. It may feel good to make a $2.00 on a coin, but when you factor in how much it costs to ship it out, you could end up losing money.

The same rings true for very valuable coins. If you have an extremely rare coin you may be better off going to a large convention and see if you can get a better price there.

Take time to consider value, demand, and the ease to sell your coins. All of these will impact how successful your sales will be.

Learn The Lingo

Every subculture has their own particular words and slang terms they like to use. Knowing popular coin terms will make it easy for you to sell coins online.

Check out some popular terms coin collecting terms and find a way to work them into your ad.

Knowing the lingo will help you post accurate ads online, and help you pop up in relevant searches. Keywords are important when it comes to anything online, and having the right words in your content will help sales.

Don’t feel the need to make your ads exclusively coin lingo, but adding in a word or two can make things easier.

Take Excellent (And Accurate) Pictures

If you want to sell coins online and have a lot of interest buyers, presentation and pictures are very important.

The pictures you take could make a break a sale, that’s why it’s important to make sure that you pictures that look professional and clear.

Learn how to take good photos so you can post them with your ads. Be sure to pay attention to lighting, the positioning of the coin, and other factors that could be important.

It’s also important to be accurate and truthful when you take pictures. It’s okay to take close-up shots so you can show certain details, but you shouldn’t make the coins look in better shape than they actually are.

Be Descriptive

If you want to successfully sell coins online, don’t just list the kind of coin you’re selling and the price. Be as descriptive as possible when you’re making a listing.

Don’t just say you have collectible military coins for sale. Mention that they’re originally from MilitaryCoinsUSA and that you can verify their authenticity.

Include additional information about the year the coin was minted, the kind of metal it’s made out of, and any other interesting facts you can think of.

Something that seems like a small feature to you could help make or break your sale. If you’re descriptive when you write your ads and make your home page, you’ll be able to find plenty of people interested in your coins.

Pay Attention To Collector News

If you’re interested in coin collection, you probably have a few blogs or websites you like to check.

The websites that used to entertain you could help you make a big sale. Be on the lookout for any big auctions, or chatter about coins people are looking for.

Did you just notice a post about a big auction for 1932-D Washington Quarters? Now may be a good time to start advertising your own collection so you can scoop up buyers that weren’t able to buy during the big event.

Next Steps

Now that you know what you need to do to sell your coins online, let’s get started on building a website!

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