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Top 3 Major Benefits of Digital Marketing Companies


Some of the top reasons why businesses fail are directly related to ineffective or inconsistent marketing and poor management. Due to these problems, just 30 percent of businesses survive beyond ten years. This can be a harsh reality, but there…

How to Use Kratom: Kratom Preparation Methods You’ll Love


Kratom is a common name for products that come from processing leaves of the Mitragyn speciosa. Ancient Southeast Asian peoples used Mitragyna leaves thousands of years ago. They claimed it could do everything from fight fatigue to cure addiction to opium.  People still use…

7 WordPress Blog Design Ideas for Beginners


Considering starting a blog? WordPress is THE place to get started.  When it comes to content management systems (CMS), WordPress dominates the market with over 60 percent market share.  The only problem is that over 500 WordPress sites are built…