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You Can Get New Clients with These 7 Strategies


So you’ve started a new business, found your target audience, and collected a small customer base. But if you want to expand and increase your sales, you have to capture the attention of more customers. You might be wondering how…

Marketing Merge: How to Take an Integrated Approach to SEO


Well-integrated and customized ad campaigns boost marketing effectiveness by 57%. Many marketers believe their campaigns are integrated, but integrated marketing is a long and sustained process. Furthermore, many marketers don’t know what integrated marketing is. In today’s omnichannel marketing environment,…

10 Huge SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

seo benefits

Good responsive web design can offer some serious SEO benefits. That’s why it’s important to choose a web design agency that know their SEO chops. We take a look at 10 huge SEO benefits that responsive web design can provide.