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What Does EAT Mean in SEO and Why Does It Matter?

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Did you know that 89% of consumers use search engine results to influence their purchase decisions? Additionally, 77% of B2B buyers declare that they won’t reach out to a sales representative before they carry out their research on the web.…

Why Videography Companies Are Worth the Investment

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By 2022, it’s projected that 82% of all information communicated over the internet will be in video form. You’d be foolish not to use this to optimize the presence of your company. However, the video process does not lend itself…

5 Next-Level Video Marketing Trends for 2020

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Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 86%.  Of course, for your video marketing to be successful, it needs to be done right. You can’t just throw up any old video and hope for the best. Video marketing…