Lead Marketing: 10 Tips For Generating More Leads

lead marketing

Do you have an awesome company that nobody (besides Mom) knows about? Or, do you have a killer website that, for some reason, just isn’t getting the leads and statistics you’re hoping for?

This is where lead marketing comes in, and we’re here to show you exactly how to take advantage of this powerful tool.


Let’s get into it!

Top Lead Marketing Tips

Know Your Audience

The best lead marketing strategy isn’t designed to attract the entire world. It’s designed to attract your target demographic.

Take some time to reflect and research your buyer personas. Consider their age, socioeconomic status, lifestyle trends, and common interests.

This allows you to fine-tune all your content and advertising to best appeal to your audience’s preferences.

Live, Eat, and Breathe SEO

You’ve probably heard this term before. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to moving your website from the vast, expanding online sphere to landing on top Google result pages. Pretty awesome, right?

Basically, it’s a powerful technique that increases your lead marketing by tenfold and helps drive organic traffic to your website.

While SEO has quite a learning curve, getting started with the right information is simple. You’ll need to learn about keywords, landing pages, and indexing content.

Once getting the hang of it, SEO becomes second nature.

Post Blog Content CONSTANTLY

Blogging is one of the best ways to maximize your marketing efforts, obtain new customers, and keep the attention of current ones.

Many beginners start with WordPress because it’s an incredibly simple and intuitive platform to use. Moreover, there are plenty of amazing SEO plugins that allow you to audit your blog content.

Topics don’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, you want them to be simple, straightforward and centered on themes your target demographic is interested in.

Rules of thumb include:

  • Consistent posting (at least once a week, but more is better)
  • Use visuals
  • Include a Call-To-Action
  • Respond to commenters/questions

Try Guest Posting

Maybe you’ve finally mastered SEO and you are posting quality and consistent blogs. Finally, you’re getting some more traffic.

Guest posting remains to be one of the best ways to continue solidifying your reputation.

This can be done by tapping into your referral system or reaching out to prospective companies that could benefit from your services.

After all, the worst anyone can say is no, but most people are thrilled at the idea of having free content!

Maximize Social Media

Facebook has approximately 2 billion monthly users. Insane, right?

And, that’s not even tapping into the expanding markets of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

If you aren’t using social media as part of your lead marketing strategy, you are essentially missing out on hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

The rules here are simple: You need an online presence. Update it regularly. Keep it a two-way dialogue. And utilize each medium’s tools (i.e: hashtags for Twitter, sponsored ads for Facebook).

Utilize Email Marketing

If you don’t already have a working email list, it’s time to make one. Newsletters allow you to maintain continuous contact with both loyal and potential customers.

Consider sending out fresh content once or twice a month (you don’t want to fill your readers with spam), and make sure it’s engaging and informative.

Discuss current trends and services. Include a call to action. And, make it aesthetically pleasing.

Offer Free Content

Lead marketing doesn’t always involve making sales. Sometimes, it involves giving something away. When you have something to offer prospective clients, you inherently stand out above the competition.

Some examples of this include:

  • step-by-step tutorials
  • free ebooks
  • free service or product
  • informative guides

Consider Referrals

Even in the online sphere, word-of-mouth still has its place in modern lead marketing.

Some of the best business strategies and networking comes from having a solid referral strategy. Best of all, this is where your loyal customers come in, and everyone wins.

Here’s how it works: once you have established your reputation and branding, seek out to take advantage of your top-quality work.

This can be done by offering incentives for referrals, in the form of discounting rates once a referral makes a purchase or running a limited contest and offering prizes for those who refer the most new customers.

Creativity is king here, and these dynamic programs work great for both small and large businesses.

Reveal Yourself

In modern society, more and more consumers want to know the personality behind the brand. In a nutshell, they want your advertising to tell a story. If you are aiming to attract the Millennial generation as your target audience, this advice is definitely meant for you.

Be real. Be authentic. Be an actual, breathing human being.

To be blunt, this is your permission to get personal! Post photos of yourself and your team. Maintain a personal blog. Share about your interests and values. Make your About Me section stand out as much as possible.

This makes you less of a business and more of a relatable human. As a result, it makes your company less about money, sales, and just lead marketing and more about human-to-human connection

Do the Pop-Up

Recent lead marketing research suggests that pop-ups, while annoying, do tend to work. In fact, they tend to work really, really well.

Here’s why. It’s instantaneous, as in customers have an immediate decision to make (sign up or close out the window). If the customer has any inkling to like what you have to offer, especially when there is some kind of promotion, he’s likely to sign up.

Furthermore, it’s the quickest way for someone to subscribe without having to hunt down your contact information.

See for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Lead marketing is an exciting way to attract new customers and keep the attention on loyal and current fans. It’s also important for maintaining a positive reputation and standing out from your competition.

It’s also important for maintaining a positive reputation and standing out from your competition.

No matter where you are in your process, we’re here to help you with tons of free web tools to help you with your online presence.