YouTube 101: 4 Tips on How to Monetize YouTube Channels

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With YouTubers that bring in literally millions of dollars each year, it’s no wonder you want to learn how to monetize YouTube.

Many people would be happy with even a few thousand dollars coming in from making videos and posting them on YouTube. The good news is that there are plenty of people that aren’t big stars that still make money by posting their content on YouTube.

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Why YouTube Pays


If you don’t have a product or service that you want to sell, but you still want to make money from YouTube—that’s perfectly possible.

People and companies are more than happy to pay you to get in front of people. Precision targeting for YouTube ads can provide a very high return on investment, and people are ready to put their hard-earned cash on the line.

To make it very simple—if you can get eyeballs on people’s products and services—they are glad to pay you.

1. Ad Revenue

If your channel meets the YouTube Partnership requirements, you’ll be able to make money from ads. Keep in mind that those requirements might be a little tough if your channel is brand new.

You have to have 1,000 subscribers minimum and a minimum of 4,000 watch hours. Once you hit those requirements, you can apply to be in the partner program.

2. Channel Membership

Channel membership allows people to pay money for special perks through your channel. You can get pretty creative here and see what people are already paying for through other channels.

If you have premium content you want to offer your audience, then this is a great way to allow them to pay for your hard work.

3. Merchandise Shelf

Do you have t-shirts, journals, or something similar that you want to sell on your channel?

Now with merchandise shelf, it’s very easy for you to showcase what you’re selling right on the video watch page. Knowing your target audience and what they want can really allow you to make some serious cash here.

4. Affiliate Marketing & Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing can be a great source of income. Keep in mind that if you’re working as an influencer or an affiliate for a company, you do have to let your audience know about the relationship.

The Fair Trade Commission doesn’t smile upon people that try to influence people to buy products and get a kickback for it without the consumer knowing about the relationship. You can let people know by verbally saying it or by putting text on the video, but you have to make sure it is clear that it is a paid partnership.

How to Monetize YouTube – Now You Know

Now you know the best tips for how to monetize YouTube. There’s no second-guessing your abilities because you know exactly what to do.

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