Don’t Be Basic! Here Are Some Chemical Marketing Concepts You Should Know About!

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Rapid globalization, digitalization, and new business models are just some of the trends chemical companies need to watch out for.

Which begs the question: how ready is your company to face the challenges brought about by these trends?

If your answer is “not sure,” you have your work cut out for you. But don’t worry, as with everything you can start with the basics.


Here, we’ll talk about some chemical marketing concepts that can help your company succeed in the industry.

Marketing Chemicals: Shifting from Traditional to Digital Approaches

Print, broadcast, and telemarketing are some of the most popular traditional marketing methods. When executed well, these strategies can produce results. But there are certain disadvantages that make digital marketing a better alternative.

For example, the ROI (return on investment) for print marketing collateral can be difficult to measure. Just because potential clients receive your product brochure doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from your company.

And then there’s broadcast, which can be expensive. Should you pay for TV or radio ads when online ads are more effective and much cheaper than purchasing airtime?

Of course not. The fact is, there’s no way to increase your chemical sales if you don’t go digital. Remember, your customers are online. If you’re not there, you can be sure your competitors are, and they’re doing everything they can to move in on your customers.

Going Digital: Essential Chemical Marketing Concepts to Keep in Mind

Moving to the digital space means you’ll have to be familiar with online marketing concepts. These include search engine optimization or SEO for chemical companies, as well as chemical e-commerce.

For SEO, the phrase “content is king” still holds true and will contribute much to your chemical company’s online success. Take note though that the emphasis will be on quality content. What you write has to be relevant to the chemical industry and has to show a clear knowledge of what your customers are looking for.

As an example, take a look at this article on HPLC mobile phase selection. You can see how it helps people who want to know which buffer will work best for separating analytes.

You can use this approach for writing blog posts or whitepapers to establish your authority on chemical topics. The important thing is your readers (i.e. potential clients) find your content unique and useful.

As for chemical e-commerce, you need to choose a suitable platform to sell your products. It can be your website or you can try B2B marketplaces such as Alibaba, Global Sources, and so on.

Looking for More Industrial Marketing Tips and Advice?

Now that you know more about chemical marketing concepts, you should have some ideas on how to improve your current marketing and sales strategy.

But if you need more information, don’t hesitate to browse our other articles. We have tons of posts on SEO, website development, branding, business, technology, and more. Keep checking back as we update our site with more industrial marketing tips and advice.