Organic SEO Services: Why Do They Matter?

organic seo services

Have you heard of organic SEO? Are you curious about how organic SEO services can help build up your brand’s popularity?

Organic SEO is a vital part of marketing your business with SEO. Unfortunately, many businesses tend to ignore nurturing organic SEO through organic SEO services.

We put together a guide to understanding what organic SEO is and why it is so important.


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What Are Organic SEO Services?

Organic SEO is a process of climbing the latter of search engine results. Considered the opposite of PPC (Pay Per Click) search engine optimization, organic SEO uses different techniques to achieve genuine search results. These include:

  • Content building – Creating relevant content that attracts interested readers.
  • Keywords – Creating content with notable keywords to drive traffic to a website or encourage search engine searches for a particular business.
  • Backlinking – Including hyperlinks in a particular web page that links back to your own web page or site. Also known as Inbound Links (IBL).
  • Link building – The process of getting websites to link back to your own websites.

Organic SEO services are services provided by a trusted SEO company that take care of the organic SEO process for you.

Organic SEO Services: Why Do They Matter?

You’ll be surprised by what organic SEO services can do.

The statistics.

Search engine rankings matter. In fact, 85% of people who use search engines rarely click past the first page of keyword results. On top of that, 90% never go past the third page of search results either.

This means that the first page of search results is important. An organic SEO service can help you get your business or website there.

Organic SEO is genuine.

Opting for Pay Per Click services is an option, but you’re not getting natural results with it. Plus, Google is working towards penalizing PPC strategies by creating algorithms that target and minimalize spam and illegitimate search results. This is done to provide users with more genuine, quality content in search engines.

Organic SEO services, while still costing money, get you natural search rankings.

Through creating interesting content and strategically implementing keywords, organic SEO can properly drive traffic to your site and up your rankings in search engine.

You can experiment with other methods while waiting for an organic turnaround.

Organic SEO takes time to build up. This is the natural way of organic SEO.

That doesn’t mean you have to sit and wait for something to happen. In the meantime, you can experiment with marketing your business in other ways while waiting for organic SEO to heap some rewards.

It gives the competition a run for their money.

Pursuing organic search rankings can put a wall up against your competitors’ presence in search results.

The more you invest in an organic SEO service, the quicker your business or website will climb the Google ladder– far above your competition. Your ranking can effectively push down your competitors.

It works and it won’t stop working in the near future.

Organic SEO techniques work, but it may take a while to get there.

However, there’s a higher success rate when it comes to getting your particular niche towards the top of keyword search results.

PPC used to work, too. But as we said previously, major search engines are trying to snuff this method out. This is done in favor of a more legitimate, authentic search experience for users.

The CEO of   popular marketing firm BIZCOR, Joshua Guerra, agrees: “As long as you are focusing on optimal user experience while performing [methodic SEO strategies], you will be rewarded with higher positioning and organic traffic.”

As search engines grow and evolve along with internet technology, it looks like organic SEO will remain favorable for search engines, businesses, and their target audiences.

It’s practical, profitable, and worthwhile.

When compared to how much other marketing services cost, organic SEO is extremely cost-effective. The Return on Investment is generally very good.

Paying per click may provide more profitability right away. But organic SEO solidifies your presence in rankings in a way that PPC and exclusively marketing on social media cannot.

It’ll save you time you could be spending elsewhere.

Organic SEO does take time to be profitable. However, by putting the responsibility of getting organic SEO on an SEO company, you’re saving yourself some serious time.

Imagine all the other things you could be doing to improve your business instead of building organic SEO. Talk about a time saver!

Avoiding an attractive content portfolio can be dangerous.

Google is punishing inauthentic search results. In that same vein, they are also punishing website with a low content profile as well.

Social media indicators play a big role in this. If your website or other websites that link to your website don’t have a wealth of content, what will be shared around social media? To lack in this aspect is to sell yourself short in search results. This is a factor that Google takes into consideration when filtering search results.

Your competitors likely have the same strategy.

If you’re considering organic SEO services, what makes you think your competition isn’t doing the same?

If you’re not up to date with the latest SEO practices, you’ll likely fall behind your competitors in search engine rankings. Investing in organic SEO services will put you on the same page (pun intended!) as other businesses of a similar niche.

The impact is very tangible.

Nowadays, buyers aren’t interested in making risky purchase decisions. How often do you research a business or brand before purchasing a good or service from them? Your target audience is doing the same exact thing.

Potential customers want to research before they buy, and they do this with search engine use.

One cannot assume that everyone in your target market knows your business’ name. Organic SEO not only promotes your name, but it promotes your business entity when people search for a product that you supply.

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