Marketing 101: How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign

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If you ignore social media, you’re giving competitors a chance to generate revenue that should belong to you. But if you don’t know much about social media, you probably don’t’ know how to develop social media campaigns that will bring you customers.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to create a winning social media campaign.

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly what you need to think about if you want to market your business using social media. Take action on what you learn and it won’t be long before social media becomes one of your best marketing channels.


Let’s begin!

Decide on a Platform For Your Social Media Campaign

There are a lot of social media platforms out there.

If you’re new to social media marketing, you might think that you should be on all them. This can sound good in theory. But in practice, it can lead to catastrophe.

That’s because each social media platform works differently. As a result, you need to approach each platform using a different strategy. It takes a lot of work to create a winning strategy. You need to learn what the audience responds to and what kind of content works well on the platform.

If you target all known social media platforms you’ll be spreading yourself too thin. Following this, you’ll end up with a campaign that has produced mediocre results.

So with that being said, which platform should you focus on?

For most people, there are two which are a good fit – Facebook or Instagram.

Both of these platforms have huge audience numbers. This is a good thing because it means your target audience is likely spending time on the platform.

If you’re going to run B2B social media campaigns, you might want to take a look at LinkedIn. Whilst you can run B2B marketing campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn has an exclusively B2B audience.

This means it is easier to reach people who will resonate with your marketing. It also becomes a lot easier if you’re going to use paid forms of marketing like LinkedIn Ads. We’ll discuss this in more detail later, but LinkedIn’s ad targeting makes it easy to put some weight behind a B2B social media campaign.

Study Your Chosen Platform

As mentioned earlier, each social media platform is different. What works on one platform will not work on another.

So before you launch a campaign, take some time to learn what works well, on your chosen platform.

You can do this using Buzzsumo. With this tool, all you need to do is type in a keyword related to your niche. The tool will then return a list of relevant content that has performed well on social media.

You will want to sort the content ‘shares.’

By reviewing the content that has achieved the most shares, you can work out what kind of content does well on your chosen platform. This relates to the topic but also the style of the content.

All you need to do now is create better versions of the content that is already doing well. This approach can help you achieve some great, early, results when running a social media campaign.

It also helps to review some of the big players in your niche. By taking a look at some of the social media profiles of these companies, it becomes easier to learn what does and doesn’t work well.

You can even read their comments, to figure out what the company is doing wrong. You can then adjust your social media approach so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Should You Pay to Play?

Social media platforms are not always going to provide you with decent levels of organic reach. Because of this, you’ll often need to pay for ads, if you want your social media campaigns to succeed.

If you’re going to pay for ads, you need to take things slowly. You don’t want to exhaust your ad budget in a day and then have nothing to show for your efforts.

Take a moment to study existing ads that are trying to do the same thing as you. These ads don’t have to come from your niche. Pay close attention to the ads that drive you into taking action. By studying existing ads, you should be able to learn more about what makes up an effective ad. You can then use this knowledge when developing your own ads.

When you’re setting up your paid ad campaigns, be sure to learn as much as you can about targeting.

No matter what platform you’re using, if you’re unable to target your ads, you’ll end up wasting money. That’s because your ads will be shown to people who will find them irrelevant. Such people will then ignore your ads or just click on them out of curiosity. Very rarely will these individuals actually engage with your marketing in a meaningful way.

Creating winning social media ad campaigns is not always easy. If you need help driving traffic to your homepage or blog content, speak to a marketing agency. They’ll know what it takes to reach your ideal audience, on your chosen platform.

Social Media Superstar?

Social media has helped many businesses become successful. But succeeding with social media isn’t easy and it takes a lot of effort to create winning campaigns.

In this post, we’ve reviewed some of the things you need to think about if you want to create a successful social media campaign. You need to focus on one platform. You also want to think about learning what kind of content does well, on your chosen platform.

Social media platforms can be stingy in regards to organic reach. If you want to succeed with social media, you may need to run ads on your chosen platform. Though this can be seen as a negative, it’s actually quite good. That’s because once you crack the code on social media ads, your campaigns will be able to experience incredible success in short periods of time.

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