How to Write Social Media Posts for Any Niche

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Want to widen your audience reach on social media? Do you target niche audiences on Facebook with your social media content?

Targeting new niche groups of Facebook users along with your current Facebook users will help you create new streams of traffic and revenue.


In this post, you’ll learn how to uncover new niche markets on Facebook and extend your network reach.

Let’s get to it!

1. Find Additional Niche Audiences

It only takes a few minutes to think of other markets to sell your product or service to in order to widen your reach. Think of other people than your current audience who might be a good group to market your products or services to.

For example, if you primarily market your company to men, think of how you can extend your reach to include women.

Here’s a quick example: Schick company’s primary market is men who use razors. But they also have a razor called the “Personal Touch” for women with guard bars and combs for longer hair.

Since women shave their legs, they are a great secondary audience. See how simple it is to expand your insight–and reach–to market to women who use razors as another option.

Audience Insights

Furthermore, you can delve deeply into Facebook’s target audience data with their Audience Insights tool to discover more information about your target audience’s preferences.

See what commonalities you can uncover to pinpoint other groups of Facebook users who could be a suitable target audience for your products and services.

With Facebook Audience Insights, you use data of your primary audience to find a new one to sell to.

2. Target Your Niche Audience

After you’ve chosen which group of people you wish to target on Facebook, you can optimize your posts with a tool on Facebook.

Audience Optimization

When you’ve decided which audience group you want to target on Facebook, you can use Audience Optimization to assure your social media post will be found by Facebook members who are inclined to have interest in it.

What’s great about Audience Optimization is it boosts the likelihood of your social media content reaching a particular type of Facebook member.

Once you’ve targeted your niche market, here are a few social media content tricks to help you increase your visibility.

3. Know the Language Spoken By Your Niche Audience

Niche groups have a shared language to communicate to each other that distinguishes them from other niches. The language could be buzzwords, informal expressions or other words and phrases.

Are you attempting to connect with techies, health-conscious people, mothers, yuppies, millennials, senior citizens, or college students? These groups often speak the same as each other but different from the other groups. That’s it’s beneficial to speak their language.

To learn their particular niche-speak, do a Google search or read a niche blog about a topic that interests them. A sneaker company that wants to attract a niche audience of runners can easily search online for running terminology.

For a health-conscious audience, you can visit the site What Protein to read a posting and discover language written about nutritional supplements.

Use the Language in Your Facebook Posts

Once you find the language related to the niche audience you’re looking for, compile a list of the words and phrases your niche group uses. Then incorporate some of them into a Facebook post to get their attention.

You can also look for mood words. In travel writing, there’s something called emotive language.

Words such as “escape” or “breathtaking” beckon a reader to want to sail away to sun-kissed sands and crashing waves on that island they’ve been dreaming about.

Another trick is to look at the comments after you publish your articles. Using similar words left in the comment section can increase your chances of engagement and conversion rate.

This happens just by mirroring language or using similar phrases and expressions used by your niche audience.

4. Capture Audience Interests With Images and Quotes

Post images, videos, and quotes that appeal to your niche market. This can be beneficial because they can share the social media content if they like it.

But be sure you post quotes and images that provide value for your audience or you could alienate them and lose opportunities for engagement. To add, make sure your social media content doesn’t displease your primary audience either.

Writing posts that appeal to a broad group will satisfy both your primary audience and your new-found niche audience.

5. Consider the Opinions and Beliefs of Your Audience

Ask your audience a question about their interests to help them engage with your company. This increases the ability to connect in a conversation with your audience even further.

Social media is all about standing up for causes, beliefs, and rights. If your company is related to things they care about, write it clearly in your post.

Make a bold statement like “We support saving our forests” for a company who sells products for eco homes. This is certain to rack their company up some shares, likes, and profits with an audience who cares about the planet.

Another example is a post that talks about feminism or women who have fought to make a difference for change in the world.

Share videos, posts, and photos that highlight influential people your audience respects. This can motivate your niche audience to share your social media content with others. Those shares can help grow your audience with other people who care about the topic.

Final Words About Promoting Social Media Content on Facebook

Focus on building niche groups on Facebook to help promote your business. Incorporate these tips into your social media marketing plan. This will improve engagement, generate web traffic, and increase conversions.

As a final word of advice, keep your sentences concise and clear to get the best engagement.

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