5 Tips for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

measuring customer satisfaction

Many business owners focus much of their efforts on bringing in new customers. But what about holding on to the business you already have?

52% of consumers stop purchasing from a company after a poor customer service interaction. This may get you thinking about customer satisfaction and whether you’re providing it.


Measuring customer satisfaction is a necessity for any business. Let’s look at some techniques that will help you gauge how your business is doing.

1. Customer Surveys

Surveys are the best way to get invaluable data about customer experience. They provide you with detailed information regarding your product and the service your staff provides.

It’s best to send surveys directly after the customer makes a purchase or interacts with your reps. The experience is still fresh on their minds, so you’re getting the most honest and valuable opinion.

You may have seen ads for paid surveys at home and are asking yourself “is paid surveys at home a scam?” Make sure you work with a reputable survey company.

2. Get a Customer Satisfaction Score

This is the most common way of measuring customer satisfaction through a survey. A customer satisfaction score or CSAT asks clients to rate their experience on a numeric scale.

During this survey, a customer will provide answers that range from “highly unsatisfied” to “highly satisfied.” The higher the score, the more satisfied the customer was.

Aside from the overall score, you can look at specific answers and try to find trends. Make sure you ask questions related to your product as well as the experience the customer had while shopping.

3. Get a Customer Effort Score

This survey score gauges your customer service quality. Instead of answering questions related to satisfaction, your customers give feedback about how much effort it took them to get an issue resolved.

This is also a numeric survey, however, customers rate on a scale of “extremely low effort” to “extremely high effort.” Therefore, a lower score means a better customer experience.

You can ask questions about customer service over the phone or through a website portal or app. Instead of asking questions about your product, you want to ask about things like the online checkout process or how easy it was to exchange an item in one of your stores.

4. Pay Attention to Social Media

There are new ways of measuring customer satisfaction now that online reviews and social media are so ingrained in our culture. Different social media channels, especially Facebook, pay a vital role in customer interaction for companies.

Examining customer feedback on social media can give you a great sense of how the public feels about your product and their overall experience with your business. Take advantage of social media monitoring tools to listen to what customers are saying.

5. Track Feedback from Your Reps

Your service reps can provide invaluable feedback regarding your customers’ reactions to your service. They work with your customers on a daily basis and also hear when they have complaints.

Make sure you’re meeting with your service reps regularly to get their input. You should also encourage suggestions from them as to how to refine the overall process.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction is Crucial to Your Bottom Line

The overall success of your company highly depends on repeat business and your reputation. It’s up to you to track your customer experience and make necessary changes to problem areas. The information you get will promote growth and keep clients coming back.

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