10 Tips for Better Social SEO Strategies in 2017

social seo

Are you looking for new ways to increase your website ranking?

I have some good news: social media links count more than we previously thought.


Back in 2014, Matt Cutts (then the head of Google’s Web Spam team) talked about how Google indexes social media pages.

He mentioned that Google treats social media platforms like web pages. But he also mentioned that the search engine doesn’t index every social media page.

In a recent article for Entrepreneur, author Larry Alton wrote about how social media influences your website’s rankings, in some unknown way.

It seems like social SEO has become a reality.

Google hides many of its secrets, but it shares most good practices with the public.

If you want to find out how to improve your ranking using the latest SEO strategies, read on.

10.Targeted Social SEO

You must target your buyer persona with every piece of content you share. Social media listening is the best way to create content that doesn’t get lost or ignored.

There are a few tools that you can use for each social media platform that enables you to find users who are asking questions related to your field

If you are using Twitter yet you don’t know how to increase your engagement rates, give Twitter Advanced Search a try.

Search for keywords and look for users that are in the need of help.

9.Social media legitimizes your business

Social media platforms rank higher than new websites.

It’s also possible to make a Facebook business that gets a higher rank easier than your website.

Make sure you update your social media accounts on a regular basis and link back to your website.

8.Get more followers

Pages with many followers rank better.

Make sure your followers aren’t bots. Bots will get you penalized by both Google and the social media platform you use.

Social signals are quite important for SEO.

Make sure that you provide unique content, and always introduce some call to action. Invite your followers to interact with your brand.

Try using keywords relevant to your business in each post.

7.Make your content shareable

You can’t get more followers if your content isn’t liked or shared.

People share content if they have an incentive.

The most shared posts elicit deep emotional responses.

Your content can be controversial, witty, informative or funny—it doesn’t matter. But produce content that stirs enough emotions for your followers to share it with the world.

There is always a reason why someone shares a piece of content. Nobody wants to share something that the think would damage their public image.

People share memes because doing so makes them seem humorous and witty. They share stories by big newspapers because it makes them look informed.

Find a way to break out of the mold and give your followers a good reason to share.

6.Speak their language

We talked about how making your content shareable is one of the pillars of your social SEO strategy.

On social media platforms, people search using keywords. What if you are using the wrong keywords?

You can never know till you check what kind your language your buyer persona is using.

Avoid using technical jargon unless your buyer persona uses it too.

5.Prospects might find you via social media

Social media channels are search engines too.

It’s becoming popular for users to search for companies on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Consumers want to learn more about your brand and what you have to offer.

Engagement rates, followers, and reviews influence the decision-making process of your potential clients.

Think about Yelp and how much the reviews on there influence the success of a business.

4.Share infographics, images, and videos

If you want visitors to click on your link, use visuals.

Infographics, images, and videos are the most shared types of content. They can also help in your social SEO too.

Don’t be afraid to use humor in your posts, and leave the corporate language behind.

It’s expected for companies on social media to connect with their followers, answer questions, and sometimes share cat videos.

3.Don’t forget about local listings

Once you set up a Google+ account, make sure you register for Google My Business.

Being part of local listings is an important step in building a social SEO strategy. When internet users search for your company, you should have something to offer.

Make it easy for people to find your location, reviews, and comments in one place.

2.Keep an eye on trends

Look at what people are talking about right now.

Is there a way to link your content or create posts that are relevant to both your business and to those topics?

This tactic won’t always work, and you shouldn’t push it either. You don’t want to look spammy.

But if you sell clothes and everyone is talking about “healthy at every size,” you should think about talking about it too.

1.Connect with influencers

One of the best ways to become popular is to hang out with popular kids.

But you know that by now.

Before asking them to endorse you, make sure you build a relationship with them. Start small by liking a post or sharing a piece of their content, or send a message showing your appreciation for their work.

Many businesses use Instagram or Facebook for advertising, especially in the health and beauty industry.

Google considers social media links as high-quality links. The more shared and liked a link is, the more weight it holds.

Consider connecting with an influencer to increase engagement.

Wrapping up

Social SEO is what you should keep your eyes on in 2017.

Social media platforms now function as search engines and provide insight about products and services. These platforms also play an important role in link building.

The more shares and likes your content gets on social media (when attached to a link to your website), the more credibility you receive.

Even though many overlooked social SEO in the past, you can no longer afford to. Social media presence now provides a huge boost to your rankings.