Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing: The Differences Explained


Digital marketing has been around for as long as we can remember. Only recently have companies discovered the power of social media

In fact, many brands believe that social media marketing will always be the best type of strategy for their campaign. But, that’s not always the case. 

Both marketing strategies have their benefits. Today, we’ll be entering the debate between digital marketing vs social media marketing. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll know which strategy will be best for your brand.

Digital Marketing: Explained


Marketing consists of taking action to promote a company’s service or products. It’s about finding ways to make the product more noticeable. Now, digital marketing is when you use media outlets to promote your brand.

The idea of digital marketing is to grow the sales of your services. It also helps broaden out your audience, as well as to create and add value to the service or product. 

If you want to fulfill your goals using a digital marketing strategy, it’s not necessary to use every single media channel. Digital marketers will plan a campaign using the appropriate media outlets. 

They’ll take into account your budget, audience, and company. You can research various digital marketing tips to help you choose what outlet would work best for you and your business. 

Social Media Marketing: Explained

One aspect of digital marketing is the social media marketing strategy. It consists of what the name implies—the use of social media, such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter, to promote your brand. It aims towards gaining followers, creating engaging content, partnering with well-known influencers, and coming up with fresh new ideas to capture people’s attention.

Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Most of our Internet is made up of social media, and social media marketing is just a small element of digital marketing. In other words, digital marketing broadens out way more through all kinds of mediums, aside from the social media channel. Social media marketing involves reaching people through their feed, yet, one of the benefits of digital marketing is that it goes beyond the Internet and reaches people offline.

Social media marketing can be powerful but is only limited to a few platforms. Digital marketing involves more components, such as mobile ads, television commercials, SMS, and more!

Which Marketing Strategy is Best?

It’s all up to who your audience is, what your goals are, and most importantly, what your budget is. Every marketing case is different, and depending on the type of awareness your spreading, social media marketing might or might not be the most appropriate strategy. 

For example, suppose your brand or company already has a broad audience. A social media marketing campaign could be the best way to promote your brand. It’s the best way to educate your existing customers as well as finding new ones. 

One way to do this is by posting fresh content. Content that releases frequent updates on the brand or upcoming releases. Your content can even advise your audience with new tricks and tips they can follow.

Yet, let’s say your company is more about selling specific equipment for farmers or mechanics. By using digital marketing to create billboard ads and radio ads might be the better way to draw attention to your brand.

Which Marketing Strategy To Choose

Before choosing any marketing strategy, think about your company’s voice and what your goals are for your brand. Comparing the differences between digital marketing vs social media marketing will help you determine what might help your brand grow effectively. For more great tips on marketing and promoting your brand, check out the rest of our articles!