Importance of Monitoring Network Traffic on your Website


Have you ever wondered what online statistics will have an impact on your business? While many businesses will look into their return on investment, purchase rates, and blog views, some overlook their network traffic.

Network traffic allows you to see when people visit your websites and how long they spend on them. This may seem like basic information, but it can help you with website development, so we want to discuss the importance of monitoring it. Keep reading!

Collect Important Statistics

As you keep track of your network traffic, you can collect important statistics to help your business. For example, 50 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile phones.


This means a large portion of your audience most likely visits your website on their mobile devices, so you need to adapt your website accordingly. You can change how your website displays itself based on the device, ensuring it looks nice when your customers visit it. 

Keep in mind this is only one piece of information concerning network traffic. 

By looking into the network traffic statistics for your website, you can use them as you focus on spotting potential improvements you can make. As you collect this information and look at your network statistics, you will understand how your customers behave. From there, you can make changes that will appeal to your customers, helping you with continued growth.

Find the Highest Network Traffic Times

As you track network traffic, you will notice some times of the day get more traffic than others. This is known as internet rush hour since these times have the most people online. Internet rush hour tends to happen from seven p.m. to nine p.m. with additional traffic during the weekends.

Keep in mind the above times are generalizations, so they could vary for your website.

Either way, more traffic indicates your website may slow down if too many people go on it. Due to this, you need to understand when you have higher network traffic to properly monitor it and keep your website running.

Otherwise, you run the risk of your website crashing or slowing down, which could cause you to lose visitors.

See Which Pages Perform the Best

Network traffic will also help you identify which web pages get the most visits on your network.

This information matters since you want to understand which pages attract the most customers. From there, you can figure out what draws people to those pages and apply them to your other pages. This will then help you boost your overall traffic as you make changes to cater to your customers.

However, if you want to successfully do this, you must focus on tracking your web presence through programs like NetFlow.

Make sure you apply ideas from the best pages to your worst ones, so you can increase the overall traffic on your website.

Track Your Website Today

If you put emphasis on your web presence and monitoring your network traffic, you can see where you perform well, and where you need to improve.

Make sure you put a good amount of effort into monitoring your network traffic, so your business can notice important trends and details. If you want more help with your traffic, you can go to our website and look through our SEO tools.