How to Get More Reviews for Your Business: 5 Key Tips

Get More Reviews for Your Business

Did you know that 97% of consumers check out reviews when looking for a local business? It takes about 10 positive reviews to earn the trust of those customers.

Those customers are likely to spend more money if they trust your business. A negative review can drain your revenue.

That’s a lot of pressure on your business. You can control your reputation by learning how to get more reviews.


Google reviews need to be part of your marketing strategies like social media, search, or anything else you do.

Read on to learn the top tips to help you get more reviews.

1. Have Store Signage

Visual reminders around your store let customers know that they can leave reviews if they had a good experience with you.

You should have signs asking for reviews at checkout, on your door, and a couple of other places that get a lot of foot traffic.

2. Get Emails During Checkout

Do you capture emails of customers when they checkout? If you don’t, you miss the opportunity to follow up with them and ask for a review later on.

Asking for someone’s email is tricky because people aren’t that willing to give out that information. What you can do is create a rewards program that asks for their email address during checkout.

You can then email customers a couple of days after they made a purchase to ask for a review.

3. Ask For Reviews on Your Website

Customers are likely to visit your website before they shop again. It’s another opportunity to remind them that you are open to being reviewed.

Have a clear section on your site for customers to leave a review. You can link directly to Google reviews to make it easier for them.

4. Make a Personal Ask

You can directly ask customers to leave a review. Start with your top customers and work your way down the list.

Explain to them that it’s important to your business and it would help you a lot. They’ll be happy to show their support. You can also work with a company like KAHA to help you implement this strategy to get more reviews. 

5. Respond to All Reviews

People love to feel like they’re important. You can help them feel that way when you respond to all reviews, even the negative ones.

You don’t want to deliver a canned response, but be thoughtful. Thank people for taking the time to write a review. Offer to connect with people who left negative reviews and make the situation right for them.

You earn the trust and respect of people reading reviews. People will feel heard and want to write reviews about your business.

How to Get More Reviews

It does take a bit of effort to get more reviews. You have to make it part of your marketing strategy because reviews build trust and help you get more sales.

These tips to get more reviews show you simple strategies that you can implement to improve your bottom line.

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