4 Brilliant Strategies to Get More Patients at a Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic Practice

It’s one question every chiropractic practice must answer: how can we get more clients through the door?

You know what you offer benefits people and heals their bodies. But conveying that message to help word spread can be challenging even for an established practice.

Here are 4 brilliant strategies you can implement to help you boost your chiropractic services!

1. Offer Incentives to Generate Leads


Word of mouth is king when it comes to your chiropractic practice marketing efforts. Getting people to pass your name around is the simplest and most effective way to drum up a new business.

So, how can you incentivize your current clients to get their friends into your practice?

Could you give away free sessions? Hand out Starbucks or Amazon gift cards?

Be creative here. Just remember your current clients can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

2. Create a Marketing Calendar

Today, even small businesses benefit from creating content and sharing it on social media. This is one way to thrive in the digital landscape we now live in.

Problem is, most people start creating content then fall away from it. It’s a busy job that requires constant upkeep. 

The best way to create content for a small business is to be good at one or two things. Don’t try to be on every platform; pick one or two and get really good at conveying your message in those spaces.

Also, use tools to stay organized. A good chiropractic marketing calendar can help you stay on top of your content creation and remember when to post stuff.

3. Invest In Local SEO

Don’t sleep on online reviews. Many people check sites like Yelp and Google before they ever call to schedule. If what’s online isn’t flattering—or you have no presence online whatsoever—you might be losing business.

Again, this is another area you can incentivize current clients. Could offering a five-dollar reward help you get 10 to 20 5-star reviews on these websites?

You know you have to spend money to make money. With local SEO, you can be pretty certain it will pay off long-term.

4. Offer a Desirable Lead Service

Lead generation is great. But in a chiropractic service, marketing won’t matter if people don’t have a good experience.

To build your chiropractic business, try creating a great initial product for your customers. A 15-minute consultation or a 20-minute spinal adjustment for a no-hassle one-time fee will surely bring new people in the door. And once they try it, they might be hooked!

Chiropractic Practice Marketing

A thriving chiropractic practice must invest in digital marketing tools in today’s world. Being visible online and incentivizing your current customers to spread the word about you are two great ways to bring in more clients.

Create a plan today and start working towards your ideal business goals!

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