Connect with Your Audience: Coming Up with the Perfect Company Message

Perfect Company Message

If you are a business trying to attract new customers, you know that first impressions can make or break any situation. And when it comes to conveying your business’ story with a perfect company message, getting to the point in a natural yet poignant way is a challenge.

So how do you construct a business message that makes potential customers swoon with delight…or at least place their trust in your business? Here are some time-tested methods to connect with your audience by coming up with the perfect company message.

Don’t Get Too Vague or In the Clouds

Oftentimes, business owners get the issues confused between what they WANT to accomplish and what they actually accomplish right NOW. Remember, you are not writing a vision statement (this is basically the business’ goals for the future, the torch that lights the way toward future ambitions).


A mission statement, however, is different and solid. So ask yourself, what would make a customer want to hire me in particular? What specifically makes my business stand out from the competition? 

With this in mind, make sure your company message ideas do not include anything vague. Saying something like, “We aim to become the industry’s leader in our field,” communicates nothing to potential customers.

Great company message examples include the American Red Cross. While they are nonprofit, their mission statement is clear, specific, and concise: “The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.”

Make Sure You Reach Your Target Audience With a Company Message

First, identify who the business’ target audience is. What is your potential customer demographic? Are they locally based or international? 

For those who operate a local business, coming up with the best business message means you can adapt to what is around you. Make your wording inspiring yet plausible, so those interested are moved to learn more because it reaches them individually.

However, what if you are an e-commerce business? The business audience gets a lot wider when you broaden your customer base to the worldwide field. And the nuances of a business message can be completely lost when translating it to another language.

Look into hiring a transcreation service to help out. They can help you adapt your company message to one that makes sense to whatever your target audience is and motivate them. 

Keep It Brief

When writing a company message, making it too wordy is a common mistake. It’s easy to get carried away with what you are passionate about. But filling a whole page will cause potential customers to lose interest.

So be short and succinct, yet descriptive. When reading the mission statement, it should inform others what it is the business does, how it’s accomplishing its goals, and what drives its passion to continue. And don’t let the reader get bored having to read paragraphs at a time.

Give Your Business a Clear Identity

Writing a company message may seem complicated. But if you follow a few of these tips and be patient with the process, you will be able to construct one that adds depth to your company’s identity.

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