Dominate the Internet: 5 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Ecommerce Marketing

Are you getting your ecommerce business off the ground but struggling to increase your sales? This is a good indication that you need to start working on your ecommerce marketing strategy. When it comes to ecommerce, your world is in the digital. 

This means that you need to find approachable ways to engage with customers as well as retain them as customers in the future. To do this, you need to look at the customer journey as a whole and smooth out any friction points you find.

With this in mind, read on for our top five marketing techniques for ecommerce websites today! 

1. Find the Best Hosting Platform 


Finding the best hosting platform for your ecommerce site is one of the details you should look into as soon as possible. Finding the right platform will ensure the smooth operation of your website for the long-term. Not only do these websites need to be user-friendly in order to create a seamless checkout process, but they also need to be able to secure payments in a secure way. 

Here are a few other aspects of ecommerce websites that are different than other sites: 

  • Shopping cart that enables customers to hold items as they browse
  • Multiple website management from a single panel
  • SSL certificate
  • Securing customer transactions
  • And more 

Take your time to find a web host that’s able to provide flexible options and a platform that’s easy to use. Discover why Pressable is the best managed hosting platform for WooCommerce websites today. 

2. Email Marketing

Ecommerce email marketing is necessary if you want to increase your sales as well as the number of loyal customers you retain. For instance, people who navigate to your site may not be ready to make a purchase at the moment. However, if they sign up for your mailing list, they’ll be reminded of deals or sales on items on their wishlist. 

Email is also a more personal way of reaching out to customers while making life easier for you at the same time. Ecommerce marketing automation through smart email campaigns means sending out a welcome email with a deal for new customers. You also have the option of keeping track of customers’ birthdays and sending them an email automatically with a freebie. 

All of these personalized emails over time help build the relationship you have with customers, making them more likely to keep shopping. 

3. Use Live Chat

When customers have a question about products or order statuses, they want a quick way to reach customer service without composing an email or waiting on the phone. Live chat is a great option to increase the rapport with customers and give them easy access to the questions they ask the most. 

You can set up your live chat to show an FAQ, lightening up the load on your support staff if customers are able to quickly find answers to questions there. Live chat is also a great way to engage with customers in a natural, conversational manner. Customers who are seeking help or advice will be pleased by how easy it is to reacher your customer service reps, making it more likely they come back for another purchase. 

4. Upsell Your Products

One way to boost the customer’s total purchase near the end of checkout is to upsell related products. The keyword here is related, as customers can quickly become annoyed if you’re trying to sell them products that they don’t want or need. On the other hand, a product that’s closely related to what they’re purchasing may be a helpful suggestion that they overlooked. 

For instance, if you own a candle company and a customer is purchasing two candles, a candle wick trimmer is a good upsell. Wick trimmers also don’t cost more than candles, so they’re within your customer’s price range. 

5. Supercharge Social Media

Many people become aware of products they want simply by scrolling through their home pages. This is a good reason why you should strive to be active on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever your target audience browses the most. 

One of the main issues is keeping the content fresh and relevant, but an easy way to do this is to use user-generated content. Encourage your loyal customers to post about the products they love with your branded hashtag. Once they do, repost their content with credit onto your own social media page!

As you grow your social media following, you’ll also want to be sure to integrate your Instagram account onto your website. Instagram can act as customer reviews as customers browse our site and see multiple people enjoying your products. A large Instagram following is also social proof which may convince hesitant browsers to make a purchase. 

Increase Your Sales With Strategic Ecommerce Marketing

Strategic ecommerce marketing is the difference between a successful ecommerce business and a failed one. You need to be able to attract new customers while retaining older ones, and there are a variety of digital marketing techniques you can use. 

We recommend focusing on one strategy before moving on to another if you’re a small business, as this can help you reach goals faster without experiencing burnout. For instance, your ecommerce marketing strategy can begin with creating a more seamless customer journey by simplifying the checkout process. Next, you can move on to improving your personalized email campaigns.

Ready to take your ecommerce business to the next level? Keep reading our blog for more ecommerce digital marketing tips and more!