Looking for a Digital Marketing Strategy Example? 5 Tricks Used by Other Businesses


If you’re going to steal, steal from the best.

That’s a maxim with a lot of resonance in the digital marketing space, particularly now that it’s hard to separate digital marketing from marketing in general. The trick lies in borrowing what works.

Looking for a digital marketing strategy example you can follow? Here are five to choose from. 

1. Netflix and Chill


While Netflix has been around for a couple of decades now, it’s the meteoric popularity of its streaming service that grabs the attention. Riding that wave, Netflix became a household name in only a few short years.

We can trace Netflix’s popularity to its relatability, which has become a standard, established digital strategy in the years since Netflix’s first popularity explosion. 

“Netflix and chill” might not be as ubiquitous as it was, but the fact it entered the public lexicon so quickly should be a good example of how digital marketing can cash in on relatability.

2. Sir, This Is a Wendy’s

Fast-food outlet Wendy’s has become an iconic player in the digital marketing space. Its main trick? Having a personality.

Wendy’s is an excellent demonstration of the way digital marketing can allow companies to let their hair down. By cultivating a casual and hilarious brand personality, Wendy’s has ingratiated itself with customers and erased the barriers between brand and consumer.

Many other brands have jumped on the same trend, demonstrating its worth, so you could do worse than imitating Wendy’s when you hire a digital marketing agency to work on your next campaign.

3. ASOS and Influencers

ASOS has achieved near-perfect synergy in its digital marketing. Everything it does reinforces its shop-the-look style.

While a lot of that could be achieved with classic marketing techniques, it’s the digital aspect that takes it to the next level. For instance, the way ASOS leverages influencers allows the brand to reach its customers in the form of native advertising, which creates a natural sales funnel for turning followers into consumers.

4. AirBnB for You

Sticking with the influencer and synergy theme, AirBnB has also demonstrated that the internet is an excellent way to offer value to your customers. 

Airbnb uses its digital marketing campaigns to promote positive messages, including inclusivity, destination spotlighting, and customer-focused advice. Together, these messages position Airbnb as a supportive, helpful brand that wants the best for its customers. Combined with its influencer arm, it’s easy to see why this people-first approach lands with its customers.

5. Coca-Cola Learns to Share

A decade is a long time in digital marketing, but the Share a Coke campaign still stands out all these years after its first launch.

Coke recognized the value of socially-driven digital marketing early and stuck the landing. Many brands have since aped the campaign for their own marketing needs—a sure marker of its success.

The Coke campaign contained all the elements of successful digital marketing. The concept was simple, it had high engagement value, and it blurred the line between marketing and social interaction. The campaign became self-sustaining as customers actively bought into promoting the product.

Choosing a Digital Marketing Strategy Example for your Next Campaign

If you’re looking for a digital marketing strategy example to build your next campaign on, then look no further than this list. These moments of marketing genius are an excellent template for your next strategy.

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