The Latest Digital Tech in 2021 That Your Business Needs

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The influence of digital tech in the business world is undeniable. 

Small and big businesses alike profit off technology advancements. With more people working from home, and the near necessity of big data, it’s almost impossible to operate offline. And this influence continues to grow every year.

2020 proved to be an interesting year for digital technology, and we can only assume the same for 2021. Here are the latest trends that you should keep an eye on. 

Customer Data Platforms


Customer data platforms, or CDP, play a massive part in rising business tech. We’ve all seen the “accept cookies” button at the bottom of our webpage, but while businesses are collecting loads of data, it’s not always useable data. Data can often come in fragmented forms, from many sites, resulting in unusable data. And that’s a waste of money. Big money. 

This is where customer data platforms come in. 

CPD absorbs all available data and then goes through the process of filtering, tagging, and organizing the data into a useful product. After that, it becomes available to whoever needs access to it. Top companies like Oracle and Mircosoft have invested a great deal in building newer more robust customer data platforms because of its growing importance. 

As big data gets bigger, customer data platforms will be taking the business world by storm in 2021, and you’ll certainly want to be a part of this. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

To understand the true power and possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in digital tech you’d need to spend days researching and learning. All you really need to know is that 2020 provided more information than thought possible and AI and Machine Learning developed insurmountably. 

The pandemic alone provided an influx of healthcare, infection rates, and mapping data. The increase in remote work created a large spike in online shopping and access to personalized data. With Artificial Intelligence learning all of this new data, AI predictions have become more precise than ever before. 

Digital product innovation is another great benefit of AI and machine learning. Because AI develops predictions and has the ability to learn from its own analysis, it is a great platform from which to grow your business strategy and design. Predictability is an essential asset for business tech, and something no business can afford to overlook. 

5G, Finally!

We’ve all heard about the potential of 5G, but it’s never been a mainstream player. Until now.

Increased remote work, a heavy reliance on video conferencing, and the ever-growing dependency on mobile phones have left an insatiable demand for more bandwidth. Streamlined connectivity isn’t the only development though. 

Every advancement in mobile connectivity has led to more developments than just increased bandwidth speed. With each step of progress, things like web browsing on mobile phones and music platforms were developed. This new digital technology was made possible by the growth of bandwidth. 

So as well as having a more efficient means of communication, you can also expect some amazing tools being developed out of this in the next year. 

Digital Tech, Now and Forever

The world is changing quickly, and all signs point towards a growth in new business technology. Big or small, old or new, digital tech is an industry that can only continue to benefit your business and it’s in your favor to stay invested and informed on these developments. 

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