Understanding SEO Terminologies: 5 Top SEO Terms You Need to Know

SEO Terminologies

Google’s algorithm is getting better and better each year. 

For SEO to be effective, it needs to adapt to the ongoing changes with Google’s algorithm. Google is looking for quality content. It’s looking for content that is going to help people. 

If you want to master Google’s algorithm, you should be familiar with specific SEO terminologies. When you understand these terminologies, you understand SEO 101, the basics of SEO in order to drive traffic to your website. 


If you’re unfamiliar with SEO terminology, here are 5 concepts you should start out with. 

1. KPI

KPI stands for key performance indicators. You should be familiar with this term because it tells you how your SEO content is performing. It gives you an idea if you’re meeting your goals. 

Depending on what your KPIs look like, it could give you insight if you need to change your business strategy or continue promoting the same effective strategy.

2. Relevance

Relevance is an important term because it tells you how well your content matches what the user is looking for. 

It gives you an idea of what your advertising is relevant to your core audience. The goal is to have a high relevance score so you can get better results aka clicks and purchases from your target audience. 

3. Keyword Difficulty

This term is especially important for your business because it tells what keywords are difficult to rank in order to outperform your competitors. 

When you create SEO content, you need to know how difficult some keywords are and find easier ones so you can rank for those specific keywords when you write content.

When you find keywords that aren’t as difficult in ranking and have a high volume of searches, you’ll generate more traffic on your website. 

4. Search Volume

Search volume is important because it tells you how often that specific keyword is searched for by users. 

When you do SEO content, you want to make sure the keywords you use have a high search volume. It will give your content more visibility. 

5. Keyword Stuffing

You should be familiar with keyword stuffing. It’s a term that refers to overusing keywords in your SEO content. 

When you are keywords stuffing, the content is not as high quality. In addition, it sounds unnatural and it can hurt your website ranking on Google. 

If you want to learn more about SEO terminologies, you can check out understanding technical SEO and how it can help your business with its website ranking.

Why SEO Terminologies Are So Important

SEO terminologies are important because it gives you a fundamental understanding of what works in your business. It gives you an understanding of how to create and implement a strategy that is going to drive traffic to your business.

While these are 5 important SEO terminologies, you should also look at other terms that can help you create a better SEO strategy.  

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