6 Proven Ways Facebook Is Your Best Option For Online Advertising

Facebook Online Advertising

Facebook needs no introduction. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last decade, you already know what it’s all about!

This behemoth of the internet was founded in 2004, but very quickly became a pillar of peoples’ daily lives. 16 years on, Facebook’s one of the world’s most recognizable brands, generating $73.4 billion in revenue each year and employing almost 45,000 people.

One reason for its immense success comes down to the advantages of Facebook for businesses. Essentially, this mammoth social platform has so many monthly users that it holds the unprecedented potential for marketers everywhere.


Used correctly, the Facebook advertising platform can skyrocket the success of any business. Don’t believe us? Need some extra convincing of the benefits of Facebook advertising?

Read on to discover 6 essential benefits of Facebook for business.

1. (Almost) Everyone Uses It

Billions of people use Facebook every single day.

Let that sink in for a moment. That’s billion, with a b! Mind-boggling numbers of people from all over the world, of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics are on the platform at any given moment.

They’re using it to share photos, interact with loved ones, watch videos (probably of cats doing funny stuff), or update themselves on current affairs.

The Facebook advertising platform means you can put your business, brand, and/or content in front of them! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel- your audience is right there, ready to learn more about your product/service.

2. You Can Target Specific Groups

In marketing terms, the targeting capabilities are out of this word too.

They’ve got so much data at their disposal that you can narrow down your target audience to specific groups of people. You can hone in on specific age groups, locations, interests, professions, behaviors, and more. In other words, you can target the exact people who might be interested in your business.

That, of course, is an incredible advantage for a business that understands its customers.

But it also comes in handy for new businesses that are still figuring it out. Indeed, you get access to a huge amount of data from any ads you create. You get to see who engages with the ad and converts on your offers! In other words, the results reveal your target audience.

3. It’s Dirt Cheap

Facebook advertising is like Google Adwords when it first started out:


It’s still relatively early days for the ad platform. And, with people yet to realize its potential, the cost of entry remains low.

In simple terms, Facebook ads are incredibly cost-effective! You can spend $10 and reach thousands of highly targeted potential customers. That’s unheard of compared to other channels of advertising.

Just don’t expect it to stay this way forever.

As the platform reaches maturity and more people start using it, the cost of advertising will go up too. Indeed, the prices have already increased from what they once were! For now, though, it remains remarkably affordable.

4. You Don’t Have to Wait for Results

Think back to the advertising of old.

You’d have to come up with a concept, design the flyer, billboard or TV/radio ad, pay to have it made, and then wait for it to be produced and distributed. There’d be an almighty lag between the start of the process and the results that (you hoped) would follow.

Of course, it was all expensive as well! You’d pay huge sums of money, wait with bated breath for results, and hope to hell for an adequate ROI.

Facebook ads face none of those challenges.

We’ve already covered the lack of expense involved. But it’s fast too. You can fumble together an ad in 5 minutes and see results almost instantly.

5. It’s Great for Experimenting

The combination of speed and cost-effectiveness is nothing short of a marketer’s dream.

It reduces the risk involved. And that, in turn, makes it easier to experiment with new concepts.

Imagine that you have an idea that you’ve never validated before. You have a hunch that it’ll work, but have no data on which to base that assumption.

In the past, the cost of entry to creating ads might have dissuaded some marketers from trying it out. It was a risk! They’d be worried about squandering cash and play it safe with tried and tested methods instead.

But there’s every incentive to try new stuff when advertising’s cheap and quick. It doesn’t matter if the concept doesn’t work because you haven’t wasted any time or money! You can get creative, push the boat out, and play around in your bid for results.

6. It Works

The proof is always in the pudding.

Facebook advertising might be cheap and fast. But, if it didn’t deliver results, there’d be no justification for using it.

Thankfully, it does. Businesses in every industry, based all over the globe, drive leads and sales thanks to Facebook ads. But only when they’re done well!

One slight downside to the platform is that it can take time to master. You can fork out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in ad tests before you figure out the winning recipe. That’s why it can pay to use a Facebook advertising agency to help out.

Sure, you pay for the service. But their expertise should lead to better results that, ultimately, prove profitable. You’ll waste less cash in ineffective ads and boost leads/ads for sooner.

Enjoy the Advantages of Facebook Ads

Facebook is a big deal to businesses everywhere.

This giant social media platform boasts billions of users and an unparalleled advertising platform. Few other channels can match it in terms of its reach, targeting capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

Hopefully, the advantages of Facebook ads that we’ve highlighted in this post have convinced you to give its advertising platform a try. Learn how to use it to full effect and it’s a matter of time before you see results.

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