COVID-19 Impact: 4 Reasons Digital Marketing is Even More Important Today

Digital Marketing

In this era of COVID-19, do you have a clear strategic goal for what you want to achieve in terms of gaining new customers? How about ways you intend to build deeper relationships with your existing customers? 

All of this has become much more difficult during the current pandemic and companies have had to get creative with their marketing efforts.

Right now, digital marketing importance, in particular, should not be underplayed. There are four big reasons for this. Read on to learn more about what digital marketing does. 

1. Boosts Your Online Presence


During the past few months, everyone has been glued to their devices. Search traffic was at an all-time high and it was not the time to be hidden online.

That remains the case today. While people are beginning to physically venture out more, the past three months have proven that many people are quite comfortable with the online world. Until the virus is eradicated, it will continue to be the first choice for many.

A digital marketing strategy that includes SEO, social media, and email strategies is going to plant your brand in peoples’ minds. 

2. Maintains Strong SEO 

Regardless of where you are in the current COVID-19 crisis, there is simply no such thing as a return to “business as usual.” The longer we’re lifted from restrictions, the more likely it is that customers’ spending habits will stabilize though. In terms of SEO, you want to be in a good position once they do. 

So don’t wait until that happens to start addressing your SEO strategy. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy. That means that the actions you take today on your SEO campaign will affect your search traffic two months from now.

3. Keeps You Connected with Your Customers

Social distancing will likely be with us for a long time and most businesses will not be able to operate at full capacity. So staying connected with your customers is crucial. Since you cannot physically connect in the same ways you did in the past, a social media strategy is key.

A social media strategy within your digital marketing plan could also include ways that you’re helping during this time of crisis. So if you’ve contributed to food banks or are assisting a struggling population, promote those good deeds. It will help to build your brand. 

4. Enables Business Fluidity

During months of physical limitations, many companies had to alter their practices. Restaurant and real estate branding were two major examples.

Companies that thrived during that time recognized the importance of digital marketing as they changed these practices. These same companies continue to use digital marketing to be fluid and adaptable to whatever comes next.  

Place a Premium on Digital Marketing Importance 

It’s clear that digital marketing importance is high while people are spending more time on devices and away from actual businesses.

Even as restrictions are slowly lifted, it’s impossible to say if there will be a return to shelter-in-place orders. So turn to us to help you stay on top of your SEO efforts now.

You’ll be better prepared for the uncertain future.