What Are Organic Keywords? (And Why You Should Use Them)

You have great ideas, wonderful products, and excellent customer service. So why can’t you draw eyes to your website?

Odds are, you need to step up your SEO game and sprinkle some organic keywords throughout your website.

So what are organic keywords and what do they mean for your marketing? Don’t worry, this article will explain everything!


Keep reading to learn how a few magic words can help your business flourish.

What are Organic Keywords and Why Do They Matter?

Organic keywords are commonly used words and phrases that search engines use to deliver query results. These keywords are (or at least should be) naturally occurring throughout a webpage in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of content.

Let’s say you’re looking for marketing information, for example. You head to Google, type in ‘web design’ and Google then searches the Internet for results that match your query based on the words selected.

So, why are they so important?

Because the top three results on Google generate the most traffic. The top result alone is responsible for 33% of a query’s traffic.

By strategically using organic keywords, your website can climb the ranks of the Internet and hit that sought-after top result, thus generating more business for your company.

Organic Keywords vs Paid Keywords

As important as organic keywords are, they’re not the only option at your disposal. You can also bid on high-traffic keywords using a program like Google Ads.

In turn, your company pays Google every time someone clicks on your webpage via Google. As great as paid keywords are, a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign can get expensive, so make sure you have the budget before bidding on a high-value keyword.

In summary, organic keywords generate free traffic for your site, while paid keywords require a fee.

Finding the Right Keywords

So how can you determine if certain SEO keywords are worth using? It’s easier than you may think!

The simplest and most efficient way is to use a keyword research tool to study traffic trends for a set of keywords. Your safest bet is to check several research tools and compare their results instead of relying on one set of metrics.

Of course, you can also outsource your efforts.

Hiring a Web Design Company is a great way to make sure your site is SEO compliant and ready to compete. Plus, you won’t have to worry about creating the site yourself, which is more than worth the price.

Grow Your Website With SEO Keywords

Whether paid or organic, no website is complete with SEO keywords. In fact, they work well in tandem, so switch between paid and organic keywords as needed.

If you came to this article wondering ‘what are organic keywords?’ we hope we’ve answered your question. And don’t forget that we have plenty of additional info to help your business!

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