Is Affiliate Marketing Real?

Looking to make money without doing anything? Well, aren’t we all?

It may sound like a dream, but affiliate marketing is a way to do exactly that. You can go about your day whilst the dollars roll in, providing you with a passive income.

But that’s too good to be true, right?


Find out with our guide answering is affiliate marketing legit? 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing first hit the world in 1994. It’s a completely digital idea and part of the world of e-commerce. 

It’s essentially a reward system, where you get paid based on performance. Usually, it works best for people with some sort of following; the bigger the better!

It usually works by an individual leading a valid sale to a business by use of an affiliate link. They’ll link to a product, someone will click and buy it, and the individual will receive a commission from the sale. It’s a win-win idea that’s used by top brands including Amazon, Target, and Apple.

Despite its flawless concept, it’s been bashed a lot in the past leading to people asking is affiliate marketing viable?

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

Affiliate marketing now makes up 15% of the total revenue of digital marketing, so if you’re wondering is affiliate marketing real? this should tell you a lot. Could a scam idea be making so much money? It also definitely wouldn’t have been lasted since 1994 if it wasn’t real.

The simple answer is that affiliate marketing is real. But that doesn’t stop affiliate marketing scams, which is how this whole confusion started. So whilst the whole program is legit, each individual affiliate business might not be. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

There are affiliate scams out there, so if you want to get involved and start making real money then you need to watch out for them. A lot of affiliate scams make promises in big headlines like ‘Earn thousands and quit your day job!’. Whilst it might not be a complete scam, the program is unlikely to deliver what it promises. 

To protect yourself (and answer the question is affiliate marketing legit), look out for the following:

  • Do they have a large online presence? 
  • Have they written for or been featured on trusted publications?
  • Have they got a social media presence?
  • Can you find affiliate marketing reviews for them?
  • Are they listed amongst the best affiliate marketing programs?

If you’re looking to earn money it’s also wise to cultivate a large following, pick your brands wisely, and keep an eye on Smart Affiliate Trends. If you’re careful and clever when it comes to affiliate marketing, you could be making a good amount of money very quickly!

Make Waves in the Digital World

Everyone wants a presence in the online world, especially if you’re ready to start earning money now we’ve answered is affiliate marketing legit? But that comes with a lot of work, so make sure you’re ready!

To get tips on how to make waves online, be sure to check out more of our articles.