12 Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

Person Planning to Make a Content Go Viral

Viral posts are a dream for every online marketer because a business can make thousands of dollars with a single viral post. This is why many people have been studying the exact methods that make a post go viral.

Luckily, success leaves clues and going viral is no exception. Keep reading for 13 tips on how to make a post go viral.

1. Content Is King

Creating useful content is the best online marketing strategy there is. If you gain a reputation for having valuable informational content, you could eventually score a viral post as more readers share your posts.  


The other type of valuable content is entertainment. Funny content dominates the list of viral posts. For example, one of the most-watched YouTube video is PSY’s “Gangnam Style” because it makes people laugh. 

Follow this format for a chance at virality.

2. Try Listicles

Viral posts have some similarities, so copying their style will help you make a viral post. For example, most viral blog posts are lists with a heading like “10 best places to go on holiday in 2020”. Similarly, you should deliver your posts in a list format and add a catchy numbered heading to increase your chances of going viral.

3. Create Interesting Quizzes

Most of us love quizzes and we can’t stop ourselves from clicking on one that promises to reveal more about our personality as Harry Potter houses. Create at least one fun quiz on your website, making it relevant to your subject area. You will find that it may become one of your most popular posts.

4. Spread Positivity

There is a lot of sadness on the news, so people go to social media to laugh. While upsetting posts do get shared, happy posts do much better. Help out by putting smiles across people’s faces and go viral at the same time.

5. Create Posts That Stir up Emotions

People will share posts that make them feel surprised, angry, happy or sad. A post that doesn’t trigger your audience’s emotions is unlikely to become viral. This is why video and image posts are more likely to go viral.

However, even articles can be used to evoke emotions if they are focused on controversial ideas or emotional stories.

6. Post Often to Increases the Odds

Scoring a viral post is a numbers game. Even the most successful bloggers admit that only a few of their posts ever achieve virality. Sometimes the more quality posts you do, the greater your chances that one will become viral.  

Study the statistics of each of your posts to try and establish why a post worked or didn’t work. This will increase your skill at posting better content.

7. Post at Peak Times

People have found out that there are opportune times for posts to get more views. The best times to publish your posts are in the mornings and evenings. This happens for a few reasons.

Early in the day, most workers have just gotten into their offices and they usually catch up on their news and social media before starting their workday. At noon they are usually on their lunch break, which is another great time for catching up on social media.

Posting at these times could help get more eyes on your content, which can mean more shares.

8. Use Great Headlines

Most people will only read posts with headlines that are compelling enough to make them click. One of the most important tips on how to make a post go viral is the headline. You can study copywriting to help with learning to write great headlines.

Use tools like headline analyzer to check how effective your headline is. Once you have a good headline, back it up with great content so that readers don’t get disappointed. Followers that feel constantly duped by a clickbait content will unsubscribe from your content and may even block you.

9. Promote Your Posts

It might be helpful to share your posts on social media or pay for social media advertising. This can help widen your reach and get people to see and like your posts.

Once enough people like and share a post, it then gains momentum and eventually goes viral. However, you will have to bring the post to their attention first.

10. Timing and Relevancy Are Important

Some posts sit around for ages until a relevant event happens that suddenly brings them into public attention. Do not be disappointed if you keep churning out valuable content that never goes viral. It may just not be the right time.

11. It Will Require a Lot of Work

Figuring out how to make a post go viral is a skill, and you will need to put in a lot of time and effort to know how to make a post go viral. Many creators take months getting their content noticed─some even years.

Be patient and put in the work. Remember to enjoy the journey of creating as you go.

12. Use Professional Syndicated Content

Both you and your competitors want to rank as thought leaders on the same subjects. So your content needs to stand out. Unfortunately, as a busy entrepreneur, you may not have the time to create and post original content that outranks that of your competitors.

This is why buying syndicated content could be a lifesaver for your online strategy. All you need to do to create a viral post is to search through the content database of a quality content marketplace.

Once you find a content piece that matches your needs, you would spend a few minutes personalizing it into the tone your audience is used to. If you syndicate content, it could give you more time to create larger quantities of content. You could also use the extra time on your customers by responding to comments and queries on your posts.

Learn How to Make a Post Go Viral

Figuring out how to make a post go viral takes paying attention to detail. The great news is that, although the timing can be unpredictable, a viral post could actually happen overnight. The part that doesn’t is creating great content.

Make sure you put the appropriate time and effort into creating and engaging. For more tips on creating great content, check out the rest of our blog.