How to Write a Memo That Actually Gets Read

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Learning how to write effective business memos is key to ensuring that everyone in your organization knows what is going on. When employees feel like they are in the loop and that you are a great communicator it will make for long term happier employees. This is why learning how to write a memo will help you in your business.

Keep reading to learn more about writing a good memo and ensuring that everyone receives the message that you intend for them to receive. 

Who Is Your Audience?

Think about who will be reading your memo in order to address it appropriately. Everyone deals with so much junk mail which means that if certain people in your office will not be affected by this memo, do not send it to them. 

State the Purpose


A memo is not a long-winded letter to your employees or colleagues. It is typically brief and to the point. You can clearly state the purpose of the memo without going into a bunch of details that take away from your message.

For example, if you are going to announce a product that is going to be discontinued, state this along with when production will end and any quick facts that affect future sales of this specific product. 


Once you are done with your memo make sure to write a short and positive summary at the end. Sometimes people tend to skip to the end of an email before reading the beginning. This will ensure that they have knowledge of what you wrote in the rest of the memo.

This will also make those that skip to the end go back and read the email in its entirety. 

Memo Templates

Using a memo template will make your life easier because you won’t have to write your memo from scratch. You will have a format you can follow to ensure that you do not miss anything important when it comes to formatting the memo appropriately. 


If there are any typos or misspellings it will take away from your message. Do not rush through the final proofread. You do not want to detract from the purpose of your memo. 

Step away from the memo after you write it for a few minutes and then come back with a fresh pair of eyes and read it out loud to yourself. This is a good way to catch any errors. If there is anyone around that you can trust to also proofread your memo this is a good idea too.

Now You Know How to Write a Memo

As you can see learning how to write a memo is not out of this world or complicated. Now you can put the tips above into action and ensure that communication in your business is clear. 

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