Video Meets SEO: Why You Need to Optimize Videos for the Web

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People love watching videos on a business site because it not only keeps them engaged but it also gives them a better idea of what they are potentially buying or who they are buying from. You might already be using video as part of your marketing strategy. The question is are you optimizing for the best results? 

Learning how to optimize video for the web is as important as using video. Keep reading to learn more about optimizing videos to make sure you are increasing your conversions rather than drive users away.

Why Optimize Video for the Web?

First, let’s go over why optimizing video is important. Multimedia content is a perfect way to keep users engaged. The more your users are engaged the more time they will spend learning about your product, service, and brand. The problem comes in when your videos are not optimized for the web it will not engage your potential clients and will have them leaving your site before they know enough about what you have to offer.


When a video is not optimized it will create the opposite effect of engaging your potential customers. You want your videos to not affect the speed of your page because the slower your page the quicker people will leave. 

Use Data Compression Tools

There are compression tools available to reduce the size of your video files without having to sacrifice the quality of your video. If you want to save money on a compression tool you can use a free tool like HandBrake to compress your videos without the extra expense. With this, you will be able to embed smaller media files on your site and it will not slow down your site.

Video Size

It’s not only a good idea to resize video to the appropriate size needed for what you are trying to accomplish but it is also a good idea to define the width and height of videos. You can define this in your HTML or CSS.

This will make it easier for the browser to allocate the necessary bandwidth without having to go through extra work to figure out the measurements automatically each time.

Playing Videos Automatically

Typically there is an option to allow your video to play automatically as soon as someone visits that page. It is best to defer it from loading until the entire page is loaded. This will not slow down the page from loading and will give your users a smoother and faster experience. 

Ready to Optimize Video Like a Pro?

Now that you are more aware of the importance of video SEO and how to optimize video for the web, it is time to take action. Now you can put the tips above to use. In a world of so many humans with the attention span of that of a goldfish, you will have a site where people will want to stay on and browse all of your awesome content and videos.

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