5 Lead Generation Tips for 2020

lead generation text and icons with person at computer

Every business needs new ways to grow. New customers mean increased revenue and the opportunity to re-invest in the company.

The way to meet your goals is through lead generation. Lead generation is the method you use to find people interested in what you sell.

It’s a method that requires trial and error in order to perfect. But there are tried and true lead generation strategies available.


Check out these five lead generation tips for 2020.

1. Conversational Search

Alexa and Siri and changing the way we think about search. These devices encourage a conversational search instead of static keywords.

The content on your site has to transform into a conversation if you want to keep up with this trend. Think from the customer’s perspective when writing blog posts.

Avoid too much sales-driven content that wouldn’t create a natural search conversation. New products might be important to you, but it’s your job to pitch its relevance and not its features on your site. 

Consider the conversational tone of sites like ESG-Central.com. The home page focuses on what the reader needs and not pushing products for its own gain.

2. Video

Video is at an all-time high. There’s no replacement for the emotional and psychological impact of a good video story.

Storytelling in video marketing gives you an edge over competitors because it shows a personality only your brand has. To generate leads through video, be sure to add actionable links in the description.

It’s great to move viewers to tears after hearing a story about the founder sleeping in his car while raising money, but how can they reach you after falling in love with your brand?

3. Collaboration

I know you’ve seen them. Influencers are everywhere.

In 2020, it’ll be necessary to collaborate with influencers to generate more leads. These social media icons are masters at getting people to notice them.

By adding your brand to their story, you attract people who might not otherwise go searching for a new product or service like yours. Nurture these leads by letting them find a well-designed story when they arrive at your page.

These are people who follow influencers for the lifestyle. Your page should show equal personality to keep their attention. 

4. Paid Social

Social media isn’t slowing down. The best lead generation tools on social media give you a thorough breakdown of the demographics you need to reach.

Facebook is a great example in that it knows its users inside and out. They can help you sort by marital status, income, geography and more.

You can get started with social media advertising with just a couple hundred dollars per month. There are no contracts which means you can opt-out at any time without penalty. 

5. Position Zero

Asking Google a question often presents an answer listed at the top of search results. This answer is in bold and is referred to as position zero.

It’s the best possible position in search results because it is featured. Brands are pushing for position zero by boosting content relevance.

The content in position zero is naturally seen by web users as the most authoritative and credible. If Google trusts this information, then, of course, they should too.

The New Face of Lead Generation

Lead generation is everything. There are very few reasons for a business to have an online presence that doesn’t generate leads.

Collaborating with existing winners is one of the most certain ways to ensure you get the results you need. For more information and news, check our blog for updates.