Make Yourself Visible: The Benefits of SEO and Digital Marketing

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SEO and Digital marketing have an undeniably close relationship. They both work together to increase the visibility of your brand online.

Imagine you have a shop with no product images or signage and a few curious people come in and ask for a particular product, but you’re probably selling a completely different one. Then, you decide to put up some signs and images and people come and ask for what you offer.

The first instance represents a website that isn’t optimized while the second one is an SEO optimized website. With that said, it’s worth it to check out this guide on the benefits of SEO and digital marketing or being seen on the internet.

Local SEO Means Engagement (Which Can Lead to High Conversion Rates)


Local SEO has become increasingly important because of the many people using their mobile devices to search online. According to studies, 57% of searches are made using mobile services, and half of them have local intent. 

If you owned a boutique, local SEO would ensure that when customers in your area went looking for the best boutiques in your area, they would find you.

Here are some of the SEO Practices that will help prospects easily find you include.

  • Using local keywords
  • Claiming directory listings
  • Creating location-specific pages 
  • Creating pages for your enterprise in Google my Business
  • Google+
  • Google maps

SEO & Digital Marketing Builds Credibility for a Brand

The main objective of great SEO is to build the foundation of making a website visible for people that are searching based on ranking and keyword phrases. The more “popular” and findable you become, the more you can call yourself an authority in your space.

Many elements go into establishing the authority of a site. You’ll need to create a community by consistently showing up through quality content and engaging with supporters. Constantly answering questions and participating in conversations leads to people becoming more loyal. 

When the loyal group of people goes to search engines, they will directly search for the name of the brand. Google sees this, and it rewards the brand by ranking it higher.

Also, besides your followers, other big fish in the market will start noticing you and start linking back to your content. Quality backlinks pass some juice to your website as contribute to your SERP position.

Establishing your company as an authority takes time, patience, and lots of effort but also relies heavily on the quality of your product or service that enables customers to trust you.

Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Lots of SEO and digital marketing efforts can be done without costing you a penny.

For instance, adding metatags to your webpages and creating social media accounts to advertise your products cost nothing. However, you will need to budget for ads on platforms such as Google ads, Facebook ads, as well as the services of a professional digital and SEO expert if those are routes you want to take.

The best part is that you’ll continue reaping these benefits for several years. Of course, new trends will be introduced in the industry and a little tweaking might be needed but your past SEO efforts won’t be completely disregarded.

Plenty of Creative Marketing Opportunities

Once you start marketing your products online, you get a chance to interact with your customers and you become a content creator. This opens plenty of new doors for opportunities that help to explore a creative side to you.

You might choose to express yourself through writing (blogs & articles), editing cool videos, or even creating a podcast. The possibilities that digital marketing combined with SEO has given to the internet for business owners is unlimited.

Tap into your creative power and try your hand with different methods of delivering your message through content until you find what works best for you.

SEO and Digital Marketing are Quantifiable

The only way to determine if your efforts are paying off over time is through measurable results. It’s can be difficult to track the impact of traditional marketing campaigns, such as radio and commercials. However, every digital marketing tactic you choose is measurable.

Digital marketing analytics provides you with all the details you need to know if your strategy is working. By measuring your campaigns in real-time, you can figure out which one is working and which one is not.

Then, with this data, you can adjust your campaign for more results. You can also use the information when running other campaigns in the future.

Understanding SEO Means Staying on Top of the Market

With all the changes that happen daily on the web, you need to stay on top of the game. Staying on top of SEO keeps you in the loop for constant updates that occur in the search space.

Knowing the environment of the web includes understanding what other businesses and competitors are using to win more customers on their side. This is always beneficial to your brand.

Digital Marketing Expands Your Market

People are always scrolling through their phones. This means a majority of your customers have a media presence. Unlike traditional methods, where you may have to rely on a small segment of your population, digital marketing can help you reach a wide scoop of people.

Using SEO content and social media platforms, you’ll be able to expand your market, which can help to boost your sales. If you’re running a brick and mortar, work on integrating digital marketing into your business. A lot of sales are still made offline but the buyer’s journey has a significant impact online. 

Ready to Take Advantage of SEO and Digital Marketing?

Whether you sell products or services, SEO and digital marketing can significantly help boost your sales when used appropriately. If you’ve just recently heard of digital marketing, all this can be overwhelming. Don’t be too hard on yourself while learning all the details.

Using SEO to your advantage enhances your digital marketing efforts and helps build your business visibility on the internet. If you’re interested in learning more about running an online brand, visit our blog to read more about our ideas.