Top 7 Big Data Trends You Need to Keep an Eye On

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Business owner? Marketer? No matter which category you fall under, you need to pay close attention to the big data trends taking place right now.

Failing to follow the trends in big data could allow the competition to leave you in the dust. Big data is poised to make major changes in numerous industries and you need to be in the know. Continue reading this article to learn about top big data trends that you need to know about.

1. IoT Networks Are Growing

You’ve likely used your smartphone to control your lights or other things within your home. Whether you use Alexa, Google Assistant or another device to automate the things in your home, you’re part of why companies are continuing to pour money into developing this technology.


As IoT networks grow, there is more opportunity to collect large amounts of data from its users. Not only is there the ability to collect data but data analysis automation is making it easy to analyze and process the data which makes it useable.

2. An Increase in Data Curator Hires

As big data continues to take over, more organizations will find they need to hire a data curator aka DC. A data curator’s role is to manage the organization’s metadata, data governance, data quality and take care of data protection. 

Not only are the people in this role responsible for taking care of and managing the data but they may also be needed to help determine how to use the data. Data curators will need to do presentations with the data and make sense of it to other people within the company.

3. Increased Availability of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence aka AI is no longer a thing of science fiction. Not only is it no longer a thing of science fiction but it is becoming more accessible. Big businesses aren’t the only ones that are able to enjoy the help of AI, now even small businesses are able to use AI for business process improvement.

AI doesn’t have emotions and doesn’t make human errors. Since AI doesn’t make human errors that means you’ll be able to experience more precise work as well as improvement of the workflow. While AI can never replace some tasks humans do, there are some things it just makes sense to allow AI to take over.

4. Hybrid Clouds on the Rise

Clouds and hybrid clouds are on the rise in popularity. Keeping your information secure in your own storage might be beneficial but the benefits of a hybrid system have some companies willing to take the risk.

When you hear the term hybrid cloud, that means that a company has combined its private cloud with the rental of a public cloud. Having a hybrid cloud makes it easier for you to enjoy the advantages of both the public and private cloud.

When you use the hybrid cloud, data can be transferred back and forth between the company’s private cloud and the public cloud. When you have this ability, it increases flexibility so you can get your work done in the most effective manner. Depending on what you need to do, you can determine whether the public or the private cloud might be the best option for you.

5. Predictive Analytics Increase in Use

While analyzing big data has always been a way to get a competitive edge against your competition, predictive analytics is taking things a step further. Predictive analysis is helping companies figure out what is going to happen in the future so they can make adjustments as necessary. More companies are seeing the benefit of using predictive analytics and we’ll continue to see the rise in the use of these analytics.

6. Transfer of Dark Data to the Cloud

Dark data is data that has not yet been digitized. This data is analog and is currently a huge source of untapped information that will make a big difference in predictive analytics. Once the dark data is transferred to the cloud, the analog databases will be digitized so they can be used.

As companies digitize their dark data, other companies will be forced to do the same to keep up.

7. Increase in Cybersecurity

With the increase in cybersecurity threats, businesses aren’t taking any chances. Many big businesses have had their systems hacked which makes for a big scandal and bad press. Spending money to strengthen confidentially makes sense since a hacking incident means big trouble.

IoT is causing increased cause for concern because of all the data collection taking place. Big data is now being used to detect and predict where companies might experience a cyber attack. Security log data can help with the detection and prediction of future attacks.

Using big data will help companies keep from experiencing the attacks at all or at least be able to ready themselves for when the attacks happen. Understanding how hackers and other threats are going to come at them will enable companies to put measures in place that will keep them from experiencing major data breaches.

Big data and predictive analytics will continue to increase in use as companies see how effective the strategy is for other companies.

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