Facebook Marketing for Small Business: Soak in Social Media Attention


About 70% of Americans currently have an active Facebook account – and this social media giant is absolutely something your brand should have a presence on.

You likely already know about the importance of using your brand’s logo as a profile picture, including links to your website on your “About” page, and keeping up with a consistent posting/sharing schedule.

But how can you take your Facebook marketing for small business strategy to the next level and make more of an impact?


Read on to find out.

1. Remarketing is Everything

When you’re studying up on how to run Facebook ads, one of the most important things to consider is the concept of remarketing.

We’ve all browsed through an online shop, added a few items or services to our cart, and then clicked away without buying.

But those customers who are interested in your products but who don’t complete their transactions are invaluable leads.

Remarketing is one of the top Facebook marketing tools because it makes those items reappear in your lead’s social network feeds. This encourages to make the purchase this time.

2. Get Responsive

The importance of personalized content and direct communication with consumers can’t be understated – and it should be a part of any Facebook marketing for small business strategy.

When people message your brand’s directly with customer service questions, to check on an order, or just to get more information about what you offer, they expect to you to respond as soon as possible.

Use chatbots or outsourced customer service reps to make sure that consumers are getting responses ASAP.

When someone takes the time to comment on your post or photo, you should like it or respond to the comment. The same goes for any reviews that someone leaves for your business (particularly negative ones) and photos that your brand is tagged in.

3. Run Giveaways

Finally, one of the most effective Facebook marketing ideas is to create a branded giveaway on your company page.

Offer your followers the chance to win some of your best-selling products, free services, or even an all-expenses-paid trip or free promotional products. All they have to do is follow your page, like, comment on, and share your post with at least three of your friends.

This is an incredibly effective way to exponentially grow your follower count and increase your brand recognition. But it also helps your customers to feel valued and rewarded.

A giveaway is a seriously cost-effective way to show your customers how much you appreciate all their business.

You’re Ready to Master Facebook Marketing for Small Business

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