Have You Tried This? How About That? The Types of Marketing


In 2018 alone, Americans spent $223.7 billion on marketing. Learn more about the types of marketing that are currently trending.

Once upon a time, traditional marketing was the only option. Now, there are many different types of marketing to choose from.

Learning about different kinds of marketing will benefit your business. If you don’t, you’re missing out on major marketing action.


Here are some popular forms of marketing everyone should know about:

Strategic Marketing

Many people wonder, “So what is strategic marketing?”

Strategic marketing is using various types of marketing strategies. The goal of strategic marketing is to make your brand stand out to consumers.

Strategic marketing involves identifying a business’s strengths and capitalizing on them. It also includes fixing your brand’s weaknesses. Both help distinguish your brand from the competition.

Accomplishing your objectives depends the type of marketing strategy you use.

Consider the segmentation strategy. First, you divide the market into groups with similar characteristics. Then you create separate marketing efforts for each group.

Your results will depend on how well you advertise to each group.

The Types of Marketing in the Digital World

Digital marketing is marketing with digital technologies. It includes marketing efforts that use electronic devices or the internet. This form of marketing uses online ads, pay per click advertising (PPC), and more.

Many popular marketing techniques today count as digital marketing. For example, online marketing describes marketing efforts that use the internet.

Social media marketing only takes place on social media. Social media success relies on creating a winning social media campaign. This involves planning social media ads, posts, graphics, and more.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating valuable and compelling content to market your brand. Good content is informative, entertaining, and good for SEO. Content can come in the form of pictures, blogs, videos, and more.

Content marketing is a breed of its own. Digital marketing focuses on increasing sales. Content marketing also focuses on increasing engagement.

They key to success in content marketing is creating good website content. The better your content is, the more people will engage with it and share it with others.

Whatever you do, make sure your content is relevant and consistent. Being consistent and relevant will make consumers trust your content. Creating unique content will also get you far in content marketing.

Using keywords makes your content rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages). This is good for increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Make The Most of Your Marketing Efforts

The average attention span is 8 seconds. Think of the types of marketing out there as different ways to capture a consumer’s attention.

Different forms of marketing can meet different consumer needs and desires. For instance, around 84% of people expect brands to make content. Content marketing helps businesses meet this demand.

Take your marketing efforts to the next level and read more about SEO. Your business will thank you for it.