How to Quickly Build Brand Awareness With These Easy Digital Marketing Strategies

build brand awareness

Brand awareness is such an integral part of digital marketing. And yet so many businesses spend week after week building campaigns that just aren’t working.

Are you looking to quickly boost awareness of your brand? Here are some of the best ways you can build brand awareness without in a fast and efficient manner.

Reassess Your Target Audience

The fact of the matter is if you’re not targeting the right people, you’re not going to get results. Think about it: you’d have one heck of a hard time selling the latest tech products to a primarily older audience.


Your audience means everything, so make sure your market’s needs align with your offerings.

Yes, this will require you and your team to return to square one. But a reassessment can potentially save your company from wasting its time and money on branding efforts that aren’t going to work.

Focus On Customer Engagement

Maybe you’re knocking it out of the park in terms of producing great content, but that won’t automatically translate to high customer engagement.

In fact, customer engagement is an essential component of the digital sales funnel, as outlined by companies like CloudRock.

Sure, your content may be the top notch. But is it fun to engage with and does it leave your audience wanting more? If not, don’t be surprised when your website resembles a ghost town.

Let Your Content Do The Selling

Too many companies are obsessed with their bottom line. And ultimately, if you’re only producing content designed to sell your products, you’re not going to get a great reception.

Most customers can smell a sales pitch a mile away.

The trick isn’t to get better at hiding your sales pitch, it’s to almost ditch it entirely. Let your great content do the selling for you.

You can (and should) still include tons of great links to your products and services in your content, but leave the selling to your CTA.

In the meantime, focus on content that will serve your audience. Create with your market in mind and you’ll see better sales as well as higher engagement.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

It takes six to seven times as much money to attract a new customer as it does to keep a current one. Even if you lose a dozen or so customers, that’s way more money than your company needs to spend.

Instead, focus on instilling customer loyalty through your brand.

Whether this means creating a loyalty rewards program, sending out coupons, or giving a quick ‘Thanks!’ to commenters on your social media pages, customer retention has a huge influence on your success.

Build Brand Awareness Faster Than Ever

Creating buzz around your brand will, in fact, take some time. However, these tips are some of the best, most time-tested approaches to improving your sales funnel and boosting awareness.

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