6 Amazing Mac Apps for the Apple Marketer

Macbook app store

The marketing world has always been fast-paced requiring marketers to stay on the cutting edge of the most current trends. With the progression of the internet, marketers have had to work even harder to stay on top of what consumers want and respond to.

It’s important now more than ever to be as efficient as possible, to stay at the top of their game. Thankfully, not only has the internet demanded marketers work harder, it has also provided tools to stay on the cutting edge.


If you’re a marketer who needs an extra boost in the marketing world to stay on top keep reading to discover the six must-have apps available in the Macbook app store for marketers.

1. Evernote

Evernote is more than your average note-taking app. In fact, the long list of features is quite impressive and bring note-taking to a whole new level.

One of the coolest features of Evernote is the ability to take a picture of a webpage, image, or PDF file and be able to extract text and context from within. This is useful for wanting to store information found while on the go and reference at a later point.

Evernote contains various features across three different subscription plans.

The free plan only features syncing across two devices. But does contain the basic note-taking features.

The plus subscription plan allows for uploading of 1 GB of information a month, syncing across unlimited devices, the picturing taking of web pages, images and PDFs, as well accessing notebooks while offline.

The premium plan allows for uploading of 10 GB a month, searching text within PDFs and Office documents, annotation of PDFs and scanning and digitizing of business cards.

2. Spark Email

Spark Email is one of the most powerful email apps found in the Macbook app store. Much like most email apps, it allows for storing of all emails in one place.

One of the greatest features of Spark Email, however, is its search engine. Spark email contains one of the most powerful search engines for easily and quickly finding important emails without wasting time.

It also supports other application such as Dropbox, important for those who work with documents that need to be shared. And, one of the coolest features, is the support for the new Apple watch features, staying up to date while on the go and never missing a beat.

3. Alfred

Much like Batman’s butler Alfred, who knows every square inch of Wayne Manor and the Batcave, the Alfred app is possibly the most powerful search tool for searching your computer.

Alfred is only available from the Macbook app store. It uses simple shortcut codes to search your computer for any document, image, or file, no matter how buried or “hidden.”

It also features a powerful reference generator allowing for the ability to type a command such as “Google [insert search term here]” and web pages will immediately open displaying search results.

It also includes commands for shutting down, restarting, or telling your computer sleep with just a few keystrokes.

4. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is an essential tool for any online marketer dealing with SEO. The app, found within the Macbook app store, enables scanning of documents for any SEO issues which may exist.

Having a problem with links on clients pages? Screaming Frog can help with that as well by scanning pages to monitor and improve the number of links.

Screaming Frog can also identify title tags on sites that may be too long, short, or just plain missing.

5. AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is most helpful for those marketers who are operating multiple Google AdWord accounts. It also allows for optimization and management of multiple campaigns.

Through the use of AdWords Editor marketers can easily add keywords and update bids for the campaigns you may manage for various clients. Additionally, it makes it easy to create templates for future campaigns.

AdWords Editor can be found in the Macbook app store.

6. Text Expander

The great thing about Text Expander is how it helps to eliminate the need to rewrite the same information or messages over and over again.

With Text Expander, you can create shortcut codes for CSS of HTML snippets that would normally be difficult to remember, as well as create shortcuts for email messages or even information on contact forms.

Marketers, the Macbook App Store, and More!

While these may be the top apps for marketers, there are many more apps available within the Macbook app store for marketers to use. It’s worth mentioning that marketers should explore the productivity and business sections of the Macbook app store.

With Apple rolling out the new Apple Watch Series 3, many of these apps have become even more useful and effective at increasing productivity. As mentioned with the app Evernote it’s easy to create new notes on the go with the Apple watch.

The new Apple watch also allow keeping up to date with emails and messages a breeze. And since the Series 3 watch does not require a Wi-Fi connection to work with emails, phone calls and text messaging it makes life that much better when you forget your phone at home or the office.

The apps listed here will definitely go a long way in giving you the edge needed to stay on top of the latest trends within the marketing world. However, having the latest and greatest in apps alone isn’t enough.

For more information on the latest trends in marketing, SEO, and keyword rankings. The apps mentioned here will help to maximize a marketers time to allow for research into latest trends.

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