8 Signs Your Business Should Hire Expert SEO Services

expert seo services

Did you know that the top five results in Google searches get 75 percent of the clicks? If you’re not in those top five hits for your keywords, it might be time to call in the experts.

The right SEO expert can help you reach more customers and generate tons of new business. Not sure that your business needs professional help? Check out the top eight signs that your company should hire expert SEO services.

1. You Rely on Paid Ads


There’s nothing inherently wrong with Google Ads. If you want an influx of results and have a big budget, it can work.

However, you shouldn’t put all your marketing eggs in that basket. A quick look at some of the data shows that SEO services have a better return-on-investment rate than PPC.

Part of the problem with relying only on PPC is that people ignore ads. When customers use search engines, they click on an organic result 70 percent of the time.

When people do click your Google Ad, you could pay a pretty penny for it. Depending on your industry, you could spend over five dollars for each click. Expert SEO services may be a better bet for that kind of cash.

A well-rounded approach to SEO is essential. While PPC can be part of that strategy, it shouldn’t be your cornerstone.

2. You Got a Stern Email from Google

Did you get an email from Google that said they would penalize your site?

Were you not even aware that Google penalties were “a thing?”

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, it’s time to hire expert SEO services.

When you break one of Google’s ever-changing rules, the all-powerful search engine will smite your site. In many cases, you will receive an email from Google about this. Unfortunately, some people write this email off as spam and delete it immediately.

Google changes its algorithm and rules regularly. Since you’re busy running a business, it may be best to hire a company to keep up with these changes. That way, you can avoid angering Google.

3. Fewer People Are Coming to Your Site

If you’re regularly monitoring your site traffic, you have taken a significant step for your business. Perhaps you keep writing great content, posting links on social media, and even getting a few guest blog spots.

Then suddenly your visitor numbers stop growing. Worse yet, they fall dramatically. It’s the stuff of business nightmares, but it can have a happy ending.

If this situation sounds familiar, you have taken great steps toward achieving SEO greatness, but it may be time to hand it over to some experts.

Expert SEO services can identify what went wrong and put you back on track.

4. You Think a Blog is Enough

Don’t get it twisted: content is still king. However, publishing a blog is often not enough to earn top rankings.

First of all, just putting words onto the page isn’t enough. You also need to optimize your post for Google. Each post should use keywords correctly.

Of course, the blog posts need to answer questions your audience too. Plus, each post should be a joy to read and shareable. There’s no doubt that it’s a tall order.

Even if each blog post is perfect, that’s not all there is to SEO. If you genuinely want to succeed, you also need to build backlinks, optimize your site, and more.

5. You’re Too Busy for SEO

Americans are overworked, and that’s especially true for business owners. In fact, the average American works hundreds of hours more than our Asian and European friends every year.

SEO is a time-consuming task that you can easily outsource. Instead of adding yet another line on your ever-expanding to-do list, you can hire expert SEO services to do the legwork for you.

6. You Have Other Marketing Strengths

You don’t need to be entirely out of the loop to need help with SEO. Even if you have run some of the best social media campaigns in the world, you could still use a helping hand.

It’s important to remember that SEO is meant to complement your existing efforts, not replace them. If you’re strong in design, blogging, direct mail, or another way of reaching customers, SEO can boost those strengths.

7. Your Mom Can’t Find Your Business on Google

If your site doesn’t show up when a loved one searches relevant keywords, it’s probably not showing up for customers either. In fact, if you’re not in the top five results in your keywords, you’re missing out.

Only 20 percent of users scroll to see more results. That means most users only see a few organic results before they click somewhere. If they have to scroll to find you, you’re losing 80 percent of your potential business.

The problem could be that you haven’t associated your site with the right keywords. Google could have penalized you for black hat SEO tactics. You could have some spam on your site.

Only an SEO expert will be able to tell you what went wrong. Pretty soon, they can have everyone and their mom finding your business online.

8. You Google Searched “Expert SEO Services”

Did you see this blog post because you are looking for help? If so, that’s a good sign that you know something is wrong, even if you can’t place your finger on it.

Many professionals know that SEO is essential. However, they just don’t know where to start.

If that sounds like you, be sure to contact SEO professionals soon. You already know it’s good for your business; you just have to take that leap.

Use All the Tools

If your business shows any of these eight signs, hire expert SEO services ASAP. The right team can help you rank higher in searches and gain more business.

If any of these terms didn’t make sense, or if you still have significant questions about SEO, check out this comprehensive SEO tutorial. You will be able to talk with your newly-hired SEO experts with confidence.