A Guide to Marketing for the Best Drug Rehab Centers

best drug rehab centers

There are plenty of drug rehab centers out there, but you know yours is the best. How do you use marketing to show clients you’re among the best drug rehab centers?

Rehab centers are a hard thing to market. They’re not an ordinary commodity — this is something people choose when they’re at the end of their rope. You don’t want to seem pushy or sales-y, but you do need to be convincing enough to get people through the door.


In this guide, we’ll walk you through the techniques used by the best drug rehab centers to get clients. Read on to learn how to revamp your marketing strategy!

1. Get Involved in the Community

Digital marketing is important in the modern day — more on that later. However, the best drug rehab centers also know how to use word of mouth marketing to their advantage.

When it comes to choosing a rehab center, people often trust places they’ve heard good things about. Your brand needs a good online reputation for sure, but it also needs a good word-of-mouth reputation.

The best way to build that is to get involved in the local community in a positive way. This will help show that you really care about people who need help, building your reputation organically.

Participate in local community events. Get active in local fundraisers, awareness events, and other related or community-oriented activities.

It’s also a great idea to organize some staff volunteer outings. Find volunteer work and choose a few days for as many people to participate as possible.

You can also host your own events, such as educational opportunities for the community. Put your rehab center out there, and you’re sure to get plenty of new clients through referrals.

2. Use SEO

Now, it’s time to get online. Without SEO strategies, it’s almost impossible for any modern-day business to succeed.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” This is how you train sites like Google to find your rehab center online when people search for related terms. For example, when people look up “rehab centers in [your area]”, you want to make sure your site is on the first page of results.

SEO strategies are what make this happen. You’ll optimize your site for keywords that are likely to be searched, work to get links from other websites, and use site content to boost your rankings.

Having a blog that’s regularly updated is one of the most important SEO strategies. If you post regular content that’s optimized for keywords and other SEO necessities, Google will start to recognize your site as important. Make sure the content your post is useful and informative, to keep visitors clicking to learn more.

SEO can take time, and even money — you might have to invest in an outside business to help you with your strategy. However, it’s well worth the results you’ll get.

3. Use Your Alumni

You can make your facility stand out as one of the best drug rehab centers by following up with your alumni or former clients. These can also be great resources for getting the new clients you need.

Addiction treatment centres don’t always offer continued care, which can become a major problem. You don’t have to offer aftercare services if they’re not in your budget. However, a check-in call or follow-up meeting is a great way to stay connected with past clients and make sure they’re still doing well.

If you’re strategic, you can also use this to your advantage as a marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean you’re exploiting your former clients – instead, you’re using their positive experiences to help even more people.

Alumni who completed the program are great for word-of-mouth referrals. Encourage them to share the good news about their successful treatment with their family members and friends.

When you stay in touch with your program’s alumni, they’re more likely to stay on track and be successful in the long term. They’ll also be more likely to recommend you if your stay fresh in their minds by keeping in touch.

Staying in Touch

How can you stay in touch with your alumni? Here are a few ideas:

  • Do regular phone check-ins using a master list of alumni numbers. Give support and follow-up advice in these calls.
  • Start a regular email newsletter. Send content from your blog and other resources to help your past clients.
  • Get on social media and encourage people to follow you. Stay active, responding to comments, messages, and posts from your followers.
  • Have a reunion event. Alumni will benefit from staying connected with each other, too.

These strategies are all win-win. You’ll get more visitors to your site and more attention to your brand, while your former clients will get the care and support they deserve.

4. Use Old-Fashioned Advertising

Running an ad is still a great idea — you just need to be sure it’s in the right place.

Digital ads and traditional ads can both be effective. However, you need to be sure that they’re seen by the people who really need them. People rarely think about where the best drug rehab centers are until they or a loved one needs one.

A combination of digital and traditional ads is often your best bet. Figure out where your target clients spend their time, and put your ads there.

Keep in mind that your clients might not always be the ones seeking treatment for themselves – sometimes a friend or family member is the one taking action. That’s why it’s good to place your ads anywhere one of those people might be.

Social media ads are a great, affordable way to try digital marketing. Facebook ads can target people who fit the demographic most likely to use your services, such as college students who don’t know the dangers of prescription drugs. Combine these strategies with in-person ads, such as a banner on the bus, and you have a winning strategy.

How the Best Drug Rehab Centers Succeed

The top rehab centers use a combination of these strategies to get the clients who need their help in the door.

With these marketing tips, you’ll see your business grow in no time.

Looking for more tips to get started? Give our reputation audit tool a try today.