8 Reasons Your Online Marketing Campaign Needs Video

online marketing campaign

What if one new trick could revolutionize your marketing?

Chances are that you have a lot of tricks in your marketing bag. However, adding video to your online marketing campaign changes everything.


Video is versatile, engaging, and appeals to many different demographics. Read on to discover more about how and why to use video in your marketing campaigns!

The Online Marketing Campaign Has Changed

Not that long ago, online marketing was all about a slick webpage and a good email campaign. These things are still important, but the video revolution of “tomorrow” has already happened today!

Recent research shows that 63% of businesses have embraced video as part of their marketing campaigns. Moreover, a whopping 82% of them think it’s strategically important. And 83% think video delivers a great return on investment!

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the businesses who hasn’t tried video yet. And you’re probably curious what your competition knows about this marketing revolution.

Keep reading to discover eight different reasons why video is a “must have” for your marketing campaign.

1. Conversions and Sales

The bottom line for any business is sales. Fortunately, video goes a long way towards boosting your conversions and sales.

Some recent research revealed a pretty shocking statistic. Adding video to the page of any product boosts customer conversion by upwards of 80%!

Video also has a direct impact on sales. Another study found that customers were 73% more likely to buy a product after they watched a video explaining how to use it.

You can even hire pros to help you make great explainer videos. In fact, Epic Video Factory produces some of the very best!

Ultimately, human beings are visual creatures. Video is the single greatest way to bring a product to life and show a customer exactly what they will get.

This gives video a very practical appeal. However, it also has emotional appeal as well.

2. Emotional Appeal

The core of success with modern consumers is building a relationship. Customers (especially Millennials) don’t just want a transaction: they want a company they feel they can really trust.

With video, you can be as funny as you want. Alternately, you can tug on viewers’ heartstrings. Either way, you are helping to establish an emotional bond.

That emotional bond is critical for conversions and sales. And it plays an even bigger part of establishing consumer loyalty in your particular brand.

It’s relatively easy to add video to your online marketing campaign. And the payoff in the emotional investment of consumers is completely worth it.

3. Story-Centric

Another thing about modern consumers is that they are wary of outright sales techniques. Things that seem like nothing but a sales pitch can be a real turnoff.

Video lets you focus on marketing that creates an actual narrative. It lets you pack the emotional appeal customers crave with their desire to see how a good story ends.

This is one of the big takeaways of popular advertisements from events like the Superbowl. Creating a catchy video is better than just giving a sales pitch. Customers come for the story, and then they stay for your product!

4. Solid ROI

Another reason to integrate video into your online marketing campaign is it provides great ROI. Creating video content keeps getting cheaper, and it keeps delivering great results.

Much of the cost of video content typically lies in the cost of the editing tools. However, there are now a number of great online editing tools that are relatively cheap (and some are even free).

As mentioned earlier, 83% of businesses think video marketing provides great ROI. And it’s never been easier to shoot and edit compelling video content.

5. Great for Customers on the Go

Oftentimes, your customers can feel like a moving target. This is because so many of them are constantly on the move.

Multiple jobs, commutes, family visits…these are the kinds of things keeping consumers busy. And they are often too busy to really process traditional marketing content.

Video is a perfect marketing tool for customers who are in a hurry. You can fit a lot of great advertisement, demonstration, and explanation into videos that are as short as two minutes.

And video content is great for mobile users, as your marketing can be accessed by the touch of a single button. This is what has made Youtube so successful over the years!

6. Chance to Be Entertaining

Deep down, customers like commercials. But not all commercials are created equal.

Consumers are typically watching advertisements when they are bored. Thus, they want video content to be unique and entertaining.

Video is a great way to produce content that is humorous, down to Earth, and engaging. It helps promote your company brand while giving consumers an escape from the mundane.

Be funny, thrilling, or even scary with your online marketing campaign. Just be anything but ordinary!

7. It’s Google Bait

At the end of the day, online marketing is all about Google. You need to embrace techniques that help you show up first in consumer searches.

According to research, video content embedded in your site makes you 53 times more likely to show up first on a Google search. This is largely due to Google’s ownership of Youtube making them favor videos more.

Simply put, video marketing helps more customers stumble onto your page. And as long as your videos are engaging and entertaining, they are likely to share your content with others.

The best thing about video marketing is that good content practically markets itself!

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking into adding video to your online marketing campaign, then you’re looking to shake things up. And you’re ready to drive more visitors to your company website.

Keep in mind that good video must still work side by side with good SEO. By doing well on both these fronts, you ensure your site gets more visitors than ever before.

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