5 Key UI/UX Design Trends Your Site Will Benefit From in 2018


Good UI/UX isn’t an end-goal. It’s an ongoing process.

Mapping, theorizing, implementing, testing… and repeat. That’s how you ensure you’re providing the best possible user experience.


The lessons you learn along the way become the new trends and best practices in web design and user experiences.

So here are UI/UX trends that will drive success stories in 2018.

1. Mobile and Responsive Design is Now a Must

Google has confirmed they’re moving towards mobile first-indexing, which means mobile sites now have to provide an even better user experience than a desktop site.

If you look up Dentiste Urgence on a mobile device, you will see an example of good mobile site building. Notice how accessible the CTA button is, without having to scroll to find it.

According to Google’s own data:

  • 57% of searchers will not recommend a business with a bad mobile site
  • 40% will leave a bad mobile site and go straight to a competitor

This means a bad mobile site is really doing your competition a huge solid.

2. Intent-Based Marketing

What is your user’s intent and goal when they come to your site? Do you really know?

Most businesses only think they do, and their users leave frustrated. This kills the business’ SEO ranking and conversion rates.

Demographic data is no longer enough. In fact, if you’re only using demographics, you risk missing more than 70% of your potential mobile audience.

3. Attention Ratio

Let’s keep this simple. Make sure each page only has one goal. We know this is hard, as different stakeholders in an organization may have differing views on what any given page’s purpose may be.

But stick to a ratio of 1 Goal: 1 Call-to-action. Anything more added to each page waters down your messaging and murders your conversion rate for that singular goal.

A Buy button gets 100% of the attention it deserves when it’s all by itself. But add a “Get Our Newsletter” button and the Buy button is now getting 50% of the attention it needs.

Add a third button or link and that Buy button is now getting 33% of the attention.

4. Less Website on Your Website

We’re seeing a real shift towards web minimalism. That means businesses are just running with a barebone website with a few pages and a blog.

This really focuses the user’s intent to where you need it to go, while massively cutting down design and development times/ costs for a new site.

5. (Slow) Speed Kills

Speaking of taking things away, remove anything from your site that may be slowing it down. An extra second in load speed can cost you thousands of dollars in business.

Part of the reason people love shopping with Amazon is that they are absolutely dominating the page load speed footrace.

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