How to Promote Your Dispensary with Digital Marketing

digital marketing tools

The legal marijuana market was valued around 10 million dollars last year. For newer dispensaries, it may be difficult to compete with established businesses.

One way to break into the scene is through a solid digital marketing plan.


Wondering where to start with your own marketing efforts? You are in the right place. Read below for five solid digital marketing tools and tips that will put you on the path to success.

1. Videos

Incorporating video content can be intimidating for nearly all businesses. As a dispensary, you may be wondering if using it would be worth it.

Have faith, because putting in the time and money will definitely pay off. Humans are visual. People in the world spend over a billion hours on Youtube in just a day!

You are missing out if you don’t make use of all the visual content.

2. Pair With an Influencer

Of existing digital marketing tools, utilizing popular influencers is now near universal.

Seek out popular social media celebrities to mention your product. If they do, your business will be introduced to thousands, maybe even millions of people.

Be sure to team up with an influencer that makes sense for your brand.

3. SEO Strategy

Digital marketing cannot exist without SEO and keywords. You might think your SEO is working just fine, but it is an ongoing process requiring constant adjustments.

If you are unsure where to start, check out this handy keyword planner.

Don’t forget to ensure all of your web pages are mobile friendly.

Make sure you produce content that will help your site be found. Be sure to partner with experts in the fieldĀ so you can answer any question customers may have.

Consider taking questions you frequently get and turning the answers into individual blog posts.

4. Engage Through Social Media

How are you currently using social media? Do you have all the main ones like Facebook and Twitter?

These accounts are one of the best ways to engage and gather feedback from your existing customers.

While you may think managing social media accounts is really easy, there is more to it than throwing around hashtags. You can’t just post sporadically.

Best practice is to post every day or at least a few times a week. This keeps a consistent presence that your audience will see. Having a frequent posting schedule will also let you keep up with any comments or questions you receive.

5. Call to Actions

If you want to be successful with your digital marketing for your dispensary, you need to use clear and concise call to actions.

Use these at the end of blog posts or email newsletters. They should urge people to take the next step. This could involve buying something, requesting more information, even taking a survey for a coupon!

The possibilities are endless.

Time to Promote With These Digital Marketing Tools

Follow these tips and check out some of the tools mentioned about you will see a huge benefit for your dispensary. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming.

Ready to dive in? Be sure to check out other helpful tools to manage your digital marketing strategies. We suggest tools to monitor your online reputation!