How Does Front End Design Effect for Your Website?

front end designGoogle reports that 40% of mobile users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad online experience. Users don’t only care about mobile–they could be turning away from your website because of bad front end design.

Front end design is the part of the website you see and interact with. It’s the navigation, pages, visuals…everything you see or click.

Bad design gives your business a bad reputation and scares off traffic. This article will explain exactly how front end development affects your business.


Keep reading to find out how to create a website your customers will love!

Finding Your Website

Before customers can purchase anything from you, they need to find you. Bad design will leave you at the bottom of online search results.

Proper web design on the front end, however, pulls your SEO rankings higher.

Google sends out automated crawlers to scan your website and judge it for SEO. Design a website they’ll like with easy navigation and keywords spread across multiple URLs.

Since so many people browse online with a mobile device, Google also prioritized mobile optimization.

Your design should be responsive. That means it adapts to any screen size for optimal use.

Keeping the mobile audience in mind will pull your search engine ranking higher, so potential customers can find you before your competitors.

Front End Design’s Representation of Your Brand

The front end of your website represents your business and your brand. If it’s unappealing and clunky, users are less likely to trust your business.

Imagine you’re choosing between two stores in person. One is run down and a little dirty, while the other is polished and stylish. You’re going to choose the clean and stylish one, right?

It’s the same online. If your website is a single, poorly designed page, it doesn’t matter how good your product is.

Customers won’t choose you if they don’t trust you.

Make sure to keep your brand in mind, too. Your design should reflect the tone for your business.

For example, if your website aims to answer the question “What is mesothelioma?” and connect people with resources, it shouldn’t be pink and sparkling. It should have a clean, professional appearance with a simple design and color scheme.

Increase Customer Engagement

A confusing front end design makes it difficult for your users to find what they need. After a minute or two of frustration, they’ll just bounce to another site.

Organize your website in a way that your customers can find what they need with ease. They shouldn’t have to click more than three times to get what they need.

Follow other web design trends and structures so they’re familiar with where to find certain elements. For example, put your contact information under a tab labeled “Contact.”

Leave easy ways for them to engage, like making your social media accounts and commenting features clear.

Good Design Brings Good Results

Bad design can be the death of your website. But good front end design can pull in new customers and increase the engagement of the customers you have.

Keep working on your design, and keep in mind your SEO. It’s the easiest way to pull in organic traffic to see that great design.

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