5 Ways Voice Search Will Impact Real Estate SEO

real estate seoYou already know how important SEO is for your real estate business. But did you know that SEO is splintering off?

Tons of people are enjoying the convenience and fun of voice search. It’s an easier, faster alternative to a mobile search — and people are taking notice.

With claims that 2017 is the year of voice search, make sure your agency is prepared to handle the change. Here are 5 ways voice search will impact your real estate SEO.

5 Ways Voice Search Will Impact Real Estate SEO

1. RankBrain Will Have a Huge Influence


The technology behind voice assistance is astounding. Like every other form of tech, it’s only going to get better.

Google is putting their efforts behind RankBrain, a machine learning AI app focused on deciphering language used on the web.

RankBrain’s job is to look at the text on the web and decipher how words and phrases are used, and in what context.

It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. However, RankBrain is already giving Google tons of data.

A quick note: RankBrain is separate from Hummingbird, Google’s search algorithm. You should still adhere to Google’s guidelines for best SEO practices.

2. Agencies Will Need to Get Creative With Content

When it comes to real estate SEO, there’s still no substitute for great content. Make no mistake, even with voice search, your ranking still matters.

In fact, it likely matters more now than ever. It’s important to note that voice search results are often pulled from the first page of Google. That means that your overall SERPs should still be your biggest concern.

Make sure you’re continuously coming out with great content that engages your audience.

3. Local SEO Still Matters

As with real estate, SEO is all about location, location, location.

Voice search will continue to prioritize local results. If you haven’t already made an effort to create more locally-based content, now is the time to do so.

Studies show that people tend to do research before contacting a company. Since Google’s results prefer local companies, your contact info needs to be available.

You’ll want to diversify your reach on the web by creating social channels. The more places your location and contact info are located, the higher the odds of your business coming up on voice search.

4. Language and Phrasing Matter More

Since RankBrain is out in full force, your content’s phrasing is going to become important.

Think about the way you use your digital assistant. You likely start your voice search by asking a question. Your customers are going to do the same.

So instead of phrasing a headline like: “10 Reasons to Improve Your Backyard: Learn More Here!”

You’ll want to phrase it as: “How Can You Improve Your Backyard? Learn More Here!”

The more natural your phrasing, the more likely RankBrain is to pick up on your content

5. Mobile Takes Center Stage

You’ve likely heard tons about how important a great mobile site is for real estate SEO. Consumers prefer searching for a business on a mobile device.

It’s time to start thinking small. Put more efforts behind your mobile site. It’ll increase your overall SERP and make it easier for RankBrain to find your website.

Wrapping Things Up

For better or worse, voice search isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Use these 5 tips to guide your real estate SEO strategy and you’ll get more traffic in no time.

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