5 Fashion Web Design Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity

fashion web designFashion and web design have one big thing in common: they’re all about getting noticed.

So, the last thing you want is to have a boring website. Visitors will leave a site that doesn’t interest them within seconds, and your site will be cast out like last season’s trends.

Luckily, fashion web design is all about being fun and creative. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to get you started.

What’s Hot?


Fashion thrives on the now.

Use a featured splash panel on your homepage to show what’s trending at the moment. This establishes you as an authority, and directs your visitors to the pieces they’re most likely to purchase.

The key here is to keep it fresh, so you’ll need to update this panel frequently.

You can even build the rest of the site outward from there. For instance, include an outer zone of smaller images that are similar in style to the featured look. That’s a great way to funnel customers toward pieces they might have missed.

Reach Out for Content

A great way to engage your customers is with fresh content from the industry.

Reach out to fashion gurus and influencers, and ask them for interviews. You can choose what format you’ll show the interview in. If you decide on text, why not blend it with images that match the discussion?

Try a video interview for something more actively engaging.

On the Internet, anything that builds trust is a huge advantage. Backlinks can also help build your SEO, making it a win-win for both parties.

Go Minimalist

Fashion has the advantage of being able to speak for itself.

Go minimalist with your fashion web design. Trim back your homepage so it only has simple navigation. Make the lookbook the focus of your whole site. Users will be hooked in by this bold choice.

Plus, they can always find the menus after they’ve been drawn in by your designs.

Coordinate Your Colors

If your lookbook has a single focus, why not build your color scheme around that idea?

For instance, a summer fashion site could exclusively use yellow and blue to capture the summer vibe. A fur store can use whites and grays to complement images with a similar color scheme.

This approach sets the tone for your site right from the beginning. It’ll also put customers in the right mood to dip into your catalog.

Animation and Sound

Have you considered using a soundtrack on your site?

Some sites have created hugely successful designs by combining a soundtrack with an animated lookbook. This is almost like an ad you’d see on TV, with music synced to the images.

This approach is super engaging. Your customers can’t help but be drawn in by the excitement of the website.

Video content is leading the way in web design, so why not make your site in the style of one?

Fashion Web Design is Unlimited

The best part about fashion web design is how unique you can make it.

These are just a few ideas, but sites can use all sorts of creative approaches to stand out. Approach your site with the same mentality as you do your collections, and you’ll soon find the right fit for you.

And be sure to check out our SEO tutorial to make sure you’re staying on track!