6 Reasons Your Business Wins When You Invest in SEO

Web Traffic

Are you still uncertain about SEO?

Maybe it sounds too much like magic or parlor tricks.


Perhaps you paid big money to an SEO and nothing happened  — or worse, maybe you lost traffic due to penalties from Google.

Don’t let a bad experience or misconceptions get in the way. Entrepreneurs, small business and corporations get found on search engines through SEO. They invest in SEO because it works.

Let’s cut through the marketing hype to see why.

Multiple Touchpoints

You think your new ad campaign is amazing. It exceeded all your expectations.

But can you really attribute those new customers to that ad?

It takes 7+ touch points with a prospect before they convert.

Nearly 90% of customers today say that their decision to buy happens while on the Internet.

When SEO is done properly, it will help you rank significantly higher in search engines. These are more touch points in the exact place that customers are making their buying decision.

Your ad matters. It’s a touch point. But you need many more before a lead becomes a customer.

Right Message, Right Time

Where is a customer when they see your traditional ad or other promotional method?

They’re watching a show, driving down the street or talking with a friend.

They’re not only in the wrong place, they could be anywhere on the buyers journey.

But when you invest in SEO, you bypass brand awareness and interest to some extent. They’re still involved but to a much lesser degree.


Because the customers searching for something in a search engine did so most likely because they’re ready to buy.

Put the right product or service in front of them; they’ll pounce.

SEO is the ultimate direct response advertising. This form of advertising takes place when you put the means to buy now in the hands of the consumer.

It’s a direct channel between the customer and a sale.

With SEO, customers go straight to your site where they can easily buy.

Competition’s Using It

If your competition has a website, chances are that they’re using SEO. You need to do it better to compete.

Mobility Rules

An analysis of over 10,000 companies across various industries found that business are now getting 60% of their traffic from mobile.

Getting found on mobile devices and being mobile-friendly matter more than ever. And we can only expect it to become more so.

According to Pew Research, 77% of Americans now own a smart phone.

Marketing Message Amplified Exponentially

SEO gives you the opportunity to get in front of millions of target customers in addition to reminding existing customers that it’s time to buy again.

It amplifies everything you do, by being where the customers are.

SEO is a long term growth game for higher conversions and great customer lifetime value.

Customers Prefer It. Why Wouldn’t You Invest in SEO?

We’re covered a lot of reasons to invest in SEO. But here’s the most important. This is how customers want to receive your marketing message.

Customers today prefer to find and interact with their brands online.

68% of people spend significant time learning about brands online. 80% say they appreciate companies who share through online content.

When it comes down to it, SEO is how brands get found online.