How to Create a Brand: The Basics Explained

Create a Brand

Consumers today are more skeptical than ever, with 96% of people claiming they don’t trust advertisements or brands.

Admittedly, most brands deserve this distrust, as there’s a tendency to focus on sales alone. It’s time to stop focusing on advertising and start focusing on building a brand that’s open, honest, and worthy of your customers’ time.

Not sure where to begin? Keep reading to learn how to create a brand that bucks the trends and earns your customers’ trust while growing your business.

Audit Your Audience


To build a brand that sticks with your customers, focus first and foremost on their needs and likes. This means conducting an audit of your existing audience and how it relates to your current business practices.

To get a complete picture, you’ll need plenty of performance data on your sales funnel, website, and social platforms.

Start by analyzing the demographics of your visitors across these platforms. Are you attracting the audience outlined in your business plan?

Next, assess your sales funnel. Where do customers seem to jump off and abandon their purchases?

If you don’t have enough information to complete a full audit, you’ll want to conduct a focus group. Understanding your audience is absolutely necessary to the world of branding.

Establish Your Values and Tone

The answers to the above questions are quite important, particularly for this next step. Now that you have more information on your customers, you can focus on creating a brand direction that better fits the audience you want to target.

To do so, you’ll want to create a customer profile, sometimes called a customer persona. In essence, you’ll create a fictional customer represented by the data collected from the last step.

Make sure to include all relevant information such as the persona’s:

  • Age range
  • Income level
  • Educational background
  • Shopping preferences
  • Hobbies
  • Social media activities

The more info you have, the more complete your persona is and the better you can target your messaging.

Create Content With Your New Voice

Speaking of messaging, it’s time to start building your library of content to help solidify your sales funnel.

As you and your team begin establishing your content strategy, remember to keep your customer persona in mind. Everything you publish should target that customer and better lead them through the purchasing process.

You can also outsource this step if you’d like. Not everyone has the time needed for storybrand sales funnel creation or web copy, after all, and outsourcing leads to stronger results if you still don’t have a solid grasp of your audience.

You’ll want to increase your web presence, too. Your company should have a presence everywhere your customer persona would.

What’s most important, however, is that you stay consistent. All content, whether a tweet, blog post, or video should use the same tone. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of alienating and confusing your audience.

How to Create a Brand Your Audience Will Love

Now that you know how to build a brand worthy of your audience’s attention, it’s time to get to work on winning new customers! Be sure to use these tips, and if needed, come back and consult this guide again.

Or if you’re looking for more information on building a brand, feel free to browse the rest of our content library!