7 Unusual Ways to Market Your Business

Market Your Business

Did you know that a whopping 96% of small businesses say that they use social media as a part of their overall marketing tactics?

We know that social media is usually a must for any comprehensive marketing strategy, and we know a ton of other things that can be included such as billboards, traditional advertising, and digital marketing. 

We also know that marketing is absolutely essential to any business continuity strategy. 


So, apart from the usual, what are some of the unusual ways to market your business? Keep reading to find out. 

1. Use Storytelling 

One way to truly get your audience to connect to your products and your brand is to use the art of storytelling within your content. 

By using storytelling, you can get creative with the way you sell your product or service, think about how you tell a story with the benefits and the problem you’re solving, and use that as a basis to create relevant content. 

2. Do What Nobody Else Does 

A surefire way to stand out in today’s market is to boldly go where no man has gone before! This means that you should include tactics in your marketing plan that everybody else is too scared to try. 

Reaching out to influencers could be one of these things, particularly if it’s something that your competitors don’t do. And don’t be afraid to fail!

3. Get Creative With Your Followers

If you’ve got a pretty engaged audience, no matter the size, then consider getting creating by hosting a photo contest or a caption contest on your social media platforms. 

Try to use fun photos from the workplace and get them involved, your reach will increase and your followers will have fun! 

4. Make Your Content Shareable 

Think about your audience and what problems they may be having, how can you create content that will help them and others too?

Consider creating funky infographics that share your wisdom and impart knowledge in your field or industry, people will share this type of content far and wide, and if it’s branded, your business will travel with it. 

5. Challenge An Agency 

Perhaps you have a small budget that you can spend on some marketing initiatives, get in touch with a few agencies and challenge them with creating unique campaigns for your brand. 

Trust us, there are some good reasons why working with a small marketing company may be better!

6. Cross-Sell and Up-Sell 

Have you thought about your current customers? There is a whole bunch of untapped market there that you can tap into. 

Think about reconnecting with them and telling them about new products or other services that can add to what they bought the first time. 

7. Try Making a BIG Promise 

We’ve all heard the advertising lines of losing four inches in a month and alike. Consider writing a big, eye-catching promise that your potential customers will love, and actually deliver on it! 

Your reputation will grow online as a result of it! 

Market Your Business and Stay True To Your Brand 

While it’s important to market your business, it’s even more important to stay true to your brand and its persona. 

Ensure that whatever marketing tactics you implement, and whatever strategy you put in place, that it always reflects your brand values and ethos. 

We have a whole marketing section just waiting for you, head on over and check it out!