The Undeniable Importance of a Testimonial Page for Your Business

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Around 72% of customers wait until they’ve read reviews before taking action. 

Customer testimonials let prospects learn more about a product, whether it will benefit them, and if it’s worth their money. Perhaps you’re on the fence about creating a testimonial page and aren’t sure whether they’re useful.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why testimonial pages are crucial for every business.

Why You Need Testimonials


Before you develop a plan for your testimonial page, it’s important to understand how powerful they are. You can either get a written or recorded statement from a customer and you’ll notice a surge in revenue. 

Other benefits include:

Builds Trust and Credibility

Great testimonial pages improve your brand’s trust and credibility. Customers are going to choose a company that has many testimonials over one that has little to no reviews. Learning about a customer’s direct experience with your business will encourage prospects to invest in your product.

Shows How You Help Customers

Aside from a robust testimonial page design, post a customer’s reference if it explains how your product can solve a pain point. You can post videos complete with demonstrations along with testimonials from genuine users so new audiences can see why your product will benefit them.   

For instance, if you sell a hair product that deals with frizzy hair then include a testimonial from a  customer saying “this item made my hair tangle-free after one use”. This helps sway a prospect because you’re offering direct proof that the product is legitimate.

Offers Unbiased Evidence 

Looking for testimonials page inspiration? Then post customer reviews that provide honest feedback about your product. 

It’s a no-brainer that companies are biased about their brand which is why many prospects seek validation from customer reviews. A fantastic way to alleviate doubts is to provide evidence from a party who’s not associated with your business which is a past customer.

Provide Social Proof

Social proof is when people buy a product after seeing others do it first. Businesses can harness the power of this psychological phenomenon by using testimonials. When prospective customers read sparkling testimonials then they want the product because they don’t want to miss out.

How to Get Testimonials

You’ve looked at testimonial page examples and now you want to get them.

One of the most effective ways is to create a submission form and post it on your site so customers can write about their positive experiences with your company. Or send an autoresponder so whenever someone makes a purchase, you can follow up with an automatic email that lets customers share their feedback. 

And if a customer has bought from you multiple times then send a thank you email and also ask for a short testimonial. They’ll most likely leave a positive review because they’re a repeat customer.

Tips For Creating a Testimonial Page

If you’re after testimonial page ideas, look no further. 

Make sure you use high-quality photos of your customers and ask prospects to give proof, preferably statistics, on how your product helped them. Can’t decide which testimonials to choose? Then let visitors filter the reviews either by industry or company size so they can read ones relevant to them. 

You can also mix up the formats instead of simply posting Google reviews. For instance, screenshot Facebook or Twitter posts but ask the customer first. Having an entire page dedicated to testimonials establishes you as an industry expert while encouraging customers to buy from you.

Remember your buying persona when you’re choosing testimonials to post. The reviews must relate to your target audience’s pain points as they’re the lifeblood of your business. 

But even if you’re starting, never fake testimonials because they’re there to establish trust with new customers. It will also destroy your reputation if people find out they’re fake so wait until you have legitimate testimonials before adding them.

Where Else to Add Testimonials

Aside from your testimonial page, there are many great places to include a customer review. For instance, you could add them to your site’s homepage so it sets a good first impression to visitors. Don’t go overboard with testimonials, instead, choose several and include the customer’s full name, location, and photo to maximize its credibility. 

Further, include testimonials on your product page so while visitors are browsing your products, they’ll feel more inclined to buy after reading the review. Don’t worry about the testimonials looking out of place, you can integrate them seamlessly so it doesn’t disrupt the browsing.  

You can also add them to your event materials if you’re heading to a trade show or going to a conference where there will be prospects. Add testimonials to leaflets, pop-up banners, and brochures to gain interest. 

And always include a testimonial near your call-to-action. An undecided visitor may not be convinced with a flashy button but if they notice that another customer had a great experience then they’re more likely to make the purchase.

That’s the Importance of a Testimonial Page

Now you know the importance of having a testimonial page. 

Testimonials have the power to convert customers that are on the fence so make sure you post them on your site and social media.

Customer feedback is essential and you can get testimonials from emailing customers, having a submission form on your site, and setting up an autoresponder message. Most importantly, sprinkle these throughout your site and see an increase in conversions. Good luck!

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. If so, check out our posts on everything from Business to Marketing.