7 WordPress Blog Design Ideas for Beginners

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Considering starting a blog? WordPress is THE place to get started. 

When it comes to content management systems (CMS), WordPress dominates the market with over 60 percent market share

The only problem is that over 500 WordPress sites are built a day – meaning you really have to stand out to get noticed and drive traffic to your website.


How do you do that? Through creative WordPress website design. 

Keep reading this guide to discover seven innovative WordPress blog design ideas that will impress your readers and keep them coming back for more.

1. Choose a Simple Theme

Deciding on a theme for your blog can seem overwhelming with all the choices on the market. 

Should you go free vs. premium? 

Simple or complex? 

At this point, it’s critical to consider your audience and choose a theme based on what you think they would appreciate and interact with the most. 

For most bloggers, that means a simple theme that is easy to read and understand. Going with a premium theme will give you access to more helpful features. 

If you need help starting your blog, learn more at how to start a WordPress blog

2. Install a Comment Section

One of the most straightforward WordPress tips you should take advantage of – having a comments section on your blog can help you interact with readers and allow for greater depth in conversation. 

Readers appreciate when bloggers interact and answer questions – it can help draw repeat traffic to your blog. 

3. Use Images

Images are vital to helping communicate information to your readers.

Using high-quality images can draw readers in and can help the aesthetics of your WordPress website design. Keep in mind that images can slow down the processing speed of your site and can deter visitors – so be mindful of images and optimize when necessary.

4. Include Social Media Links

Social media can be a compelling tool to stoke the interest of users and draw them to your blog. 

Adding social media links is a reasonably straightforward process. Many times it is included with the theme you choose. If your theme doesn’t include social media links, adding them can be as simple as downloading a plugin or adding them in yourself. 

5. Make It Unique

With 500+ WordPress websites being created every day – being unique and standing out is a must. 

For some, being unique comes down to just being yourself and relaying knowledge. For others, this may take time to develop. Remember to find your own style and don’t try to copy others – it will work to your advantage in the long run.

6. Try an Accent Color 

Adding an accent color to your blog can help make it stand out and give it that unique feel. 

Just make sure if you add color to try it into the theme and don’t make it too harsh on the reader.

7. Select a Logo

Every great company has a good logo that consumers can associate with the brand.

It is no different running a blog, that is your business, and it deserves to have a logo as well. Choose a logo that makes sense – it pertains to your work, and readers will be able to identify it quickly.

Interested in Learning More about WordPress Blog Design?

Following these WordPress design tips will help give you an advantage over the competition and allow you to grow your market. 

Along with a superior design, creating quality content for readers will generate the best results.

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