5 Key SEO Principles You Can’t Ignore When You Want to Succeed

Did you know that the majority of people use search engines to find a business when they need one?

If you haven’t optimized your website for search engines, you’re going to be invisible to most people. If you want to improve your SEO strategy, it can be overwhelming to determine what you need to do to get started.

You need to know the basic SEO principles that you need to stick to if you’re going to rise up the search engine results pages. Check out the below for more!

1. Focus on Keywords 


Keywords are the cornerstone of an effective SEO strategy. Keywords are phrases or terms that your audience searches for on Google.

You need to include keywords across your content. This includes everything from your “About Us” page to your blog.

Not sure what keywords to use. You could brainstorm lots of ideas of words and phrases that may be searched by your customers.

Keyword Planner tools can also help with ideas for keywords. You don’t want to fill your blog with nonsense keywords.

2. Produce Great Content

There is no shortcut is great SEO. You need to produce great content that people actually want to engage with.

That’s why it’s important you avoid keyword stuffing. This is when you randomly jam keywords into your blog without a second thought.

Keywords should strategically located in headings. But, your content should range from interesting social media posts to great video blogs.

3. Use Data Analytics 

If you don’t use data analytics, how will you know if your SEO strategy is working?

You need to make sure you’re tracking everything you do with your website. This will help inform you about your audience as well.

You may discover that most people check your website in the afternoons and your audience usually only access your website from desktops computers.

This kind of information is extremely useful to tell you about your customer and could be used to improve what you’re doing.

4. Speed Up Your Website

If your website doesn’t load in under two seconds, don’t be surprised if your audience swiftly leaves.

People don’t want to wait around for your webpage. That’s why it’s so important to speed up your loading times.

Remove anything that could be slowing down your webpage. This could include pop-ups or complicated graphics that take forever.

5. Don’t Do Everything Yourself

If you are running your website’s SEO strategy, you might think you can do everything yourself.

But, you’ll quickly realize that there is a lot of things to know about SEO. If you want to really benefit from the knowledge, you need to hire an SEO expert.

Discover More SEO Principles

Now you know the SEO basics. From adding keywords to great content, there are many ways you can ensure your webpage skyrockets up the results pages.

Do you want to know more about SEO principles? You can find much more about SEO and digital marketing on our blog.